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    In the contacts list, if I have a phone number with letters in it (ex: 1-800-aaa-help), it only lists the 1-800 part in the main contact list, and even if I go into the listing and try to select, it doesn't dial the letters part. Help!
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    Sorry to mention the obvious, but just 'convert' the phone number to a full numeric one, and skip the letters. If you desperately need to keep the one with the acronym, then make a duplicate all-numeric phone number entry in your contacts.
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    Yes, that's an obvious answer, but it requires manually updating several records (which I have done). The other downside is that unless I enter the phone number as a duplicate, I lose the "memory trick" of phone number words.

    Anyway, as you may have seen in one of my other posts, I have done a major housecleaning in my address book (something I had hoped to avoid) and have solved a few of my issues.

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