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    Hi, im from Argentina and i really have a problem, i bougth 8 treo 180 in "Mercadolibre" (its like ebay) for a proyect im developing and when finally get them.... They where all Locked by T-Mobile!!!!
    I really need someone to help me!!!
    I tired tigerdirect metod but it didnīt unlocked any Treo.
    I am really i an hurry because i have to finish my proyect in 15 days!!!
    If anyone know how to unlock them please help me, or tell me where can i buy 8 more, i couldnīt found a shop in united states that ships to Argentina!!

    I hope you can save my life!

    Please, email me
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    Hola Che Boluudo, me gustaria ayudarte pero ya no uso esos equipos, suerte en tu proyecto.
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    Hey. I'm taking a long holiday (6 months) and want to be able to use a local SIM card to avoid the exorbirant fees of Orange UK for roaming (it would be cheaper to buy another Treo...). Anyway, I've been looking through all your work here, but one thing concerns me. When I look at my firmware details, I have v3.05 and software string "Treo600-1.12-OUK". From what I gather, this is far more recent than this patch you've got. Will using the patch result in a firmware downgrade?
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