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    Originally posted by sciara

    Mol, I would be curious to understand how you created the ... I think the vital info about that has been removed from the original thread before I could read it. Anywhere it could be found?
    Indeed frenchfries edited all his messages to remove the info. However there's one remaining message posted by middleman that will tell you exactly the change you need to make.
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    Actually, the post of shulgi in the same thread couldn't have been more explicit.

    And please don't start asking me about the file. I've taken that file down from my server as well.
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    I have been away for a bit, and it seems I have also missed out on getting the patch - DANG!

    Is there any chance someone could email it to me? It would be appreciated muchly thanks!!

    It would help me unlock my UK Orange phone.

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    Originally posted by the phoenix
    Is there any chance someone could email it to me? It would be appreciated muchly thanks!!
    Tried sending it. Yahoo kicked back as the attachment is too large (6 meg)
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    many thanks for posting a link to the files! i missed them before they were taken down before. however, i just tried your link 3 times and it isn't working. if you took them down, could you possibly put them up again for half a day? many thanks!!
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    Thanks for giving it a go anyway Mike PA - I didn't realise it was THAT big!

    If you don't mind too much maybe you could try sending it to my other account which has no size limits.

    But I understand if it's too much of a hassle, thanks for trying anyway!
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    If so I'll set it up again but I've no time now.

    Let me know & I'll post them again.


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    Check in 'the bear is not dead' - it is there for a limited time my friends
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    I tried to download the It gives me error: Is there an alternate site to download this patch from?
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    Have a look at the previous message above yours matey
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    I tried to download the It gives me error: Bad Request (Invalid Hostname). Is there an alternate site to download this patch from?
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    Hey guys,

    I am trying the first step on an Orange UK Treo 600. I have troubles updating the firmware to 2.09 .

    All the firmware files are synched on the treo but when I run SIAM, it fails to replace the "ZLib" database with the following error message:

    Cannot replace database: the database "ZLib" cannot be replaced, because the original cannot be deleted.

    If I continue despite that it shows me a nice handspring screen which says it is initialising but goes into a loop asking me again if I want to run the script and back to the initialising screen.

    Tried with wireless mode on and off.

    Any clue of what I should do?

    OK guys. created a seperated user "install" and did the same again. All worked fine. The "ZLib" problem has been documented and is not an issue. As for my ealier problem, no clues where is comes from...

    Last edited by sciara; 01/24/2004 at 04:56 PM.
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    First of all thanks to those who sent me the file, it's appreciated.

    But although I have managed to now update my firmware to 2.09, my phone remains locked!

    First of all I ran the firmware update, and when I entered a different SIM (Vodafone Spain as opposed to Orange UK) it told me that I needed to update to FW 2.00 or higher (it was at 1.05 or something AFTER I ran the upgrade!) I found FW 2.09 on the Internet and ran that through. But my phone is still locked. I tried running it again after upgrading to 2.09, but I still can't use it with my Vodafone Spain SIM.

    Any ideas anyone?
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    For other Orange UK users who can't unlock the phone with the software from the patch: just install the patch through the cradle synch method in the treo and you will be amazed:

    Just to be clear: don't trust on the enclosed SD-card!!! (it has been supplied by Orange UK)

    1 Hard reset, delete data
    2 Install the latest firmware (2.09/1.09)
    3 Synch the 40 patch files for the unlock (cradle -> treo)
    4 run the firmware updater
    5 enjoy[/B]

    I'll try this method when I get back to London and have my computer. It can't hurt I suppose!
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    You need the files which you will find on the link abouve your message. unzip them and open the crashed file. there are 40 (ish) file there which have to be synchd to your T600. The instructions for what to do after that are on threads in discussion all over the place, have a look for them.
    Should work.
    The 2.09 alone will not unlock the phone.

    Sorry mate, did not realise you had all the files. Ignore me... long day at work or something
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    I don't know why it hasn't worked either. When I get home I'll try synching the files to my Treo and then installing it. I don't know if it'll make any difference - but you never know!
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    I just grabbed a copy of from another source. If someone would be so kind as to post an md5 sum of the file, I would be very appreciative. The md5sum of the copy I have is:

    I find this whole clusterf*** of locking phones offensive, and I'd like to do something about it. I need to do a little more research, but my off the cuff reaction is that:

    * Locking phones is anti-competitive.
    * Locking phones violates the new US cellular portability act.
    * Generally speaking, reverse engineering unlock codes and techniques, and publishing them is legal.
    * The one caveat is that vendors could (ab)use the DMCA to prevent the otherwise legal reverse engineering and distribution of unlock codes, software, etc.

    Here's what I'd like to do: I want to host publically. I want the telcos and/or vendors to send me their lawyer nasty-grams so I can post them to Then I want to see if I can find some lawyers that would be interested in putting together a class-action lawsuit against the US telcos aimed at slaying the locking dragon once and for all. Thoughts?


    P.S. Now would be a particularly good time to do this, especially if we target AT&T. At present, AT&T is seriously hurting for cash, and is entertaining a buyout offer from Cingular, which it desperately needs. Litigation is time consuming and expensive, and basically the kiss of death if you are trying to sell a company. In turn, this would give the unlocking faction major leverage.

    I am not a lawyer, I'm just a geek with passable knowledge of US law. The above is only appliccable in the US. All bets are off in other locales.
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