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    Anyone running this have problems with OutLook occasionally hanging in the send/recieve mode?

    This is a Win 2Kpro machine with IE SP6.

    When I leave on a trip, its rare that BC runs more than 3 days without hanging. I have no filters set in Outlook.

    As you can imagine, its difficult to troubleshoot this when you're away from the box on the road.


    Bob Duckworth
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    Happens to me also. Makes using it for when I'm away from the office a real pain.
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    Yes I have always had this happen after about three days. This happenned to me this weekend on a trip to Houston. The home office machine had to be turned off by my wife and coldbooted.
    When it came back up, everything was fine again. I think this will happen every time and it has done so since November. At least I know to expect it. Of course I can still get my POP3 email, but sending is lost until the server is reset. I can tell it happenned on my 600 because on its regulat checks, it reports that it can not synch.
    would be nice if Sprint would have their supplier third party fix this.
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    Thanks guys. I was afraid I was the only one. We probably will get no love from SPCS as they can't manage to find their a$$ with both hands.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Not free like BC, but I've had very good results testing Symmetry Pro and BaseJet to access my Outlook 2K / Exchange server email.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    I may be getting a little technical for some, but there are some solutions that can work for you.

    My solution is to reboot the workstation automatically every evening at midnight, so that if BC drops the connection, it will be restored the next day. There are several ways to login automatically to your NT domain and several other ways to reboot automatically...

    There is a Windows Powertoy called "Tweakui" that automatically logs any workstation into a domain. This may be a security vulnerability to some, but I have my screensaver set to 1 minute, password protected so I am relatively secure. Do a google search on the tool and you can find many places to download it.

    If you can now login to your domain, Outlook will start without prompting for a password-- same goes for the Business Connect software, provided that it loads automatically on bootup.

    Now for the fun part...rebooting automatically. Every Windows NT/2000/XP workstation (not 95 or 98) comes with a task scheduler called "AT". From any command line you can build tasks that execute automatically, such as rebooting it at midnight in this case.

    I have installed Outlook 2003 and it seems to handle dropped connections much more reliably than the older versions, so I have gotten around the problem that way. For the rest of you, I suggest a way to either automatically reboot the workstation and login to the domain, or remote control it via VNC or PC Anywhere or the like and just reload it yourself.

    Hope that helps...let me know if you need more details.

    Other option, of course is to use the goodlink connection or wait for the Blackberry support if your corporate servers have that enabled.

    Phil (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)-- '97
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    Those are very good sugestions. Any idea how to build the auto-reboot for the Scheduled tasks?


    Bob Duckworth
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    Since you asked, here are a few more tips...

    You can get the shutdown utility from this link:

    Here is a command that I THINK will reboot the server every weekday at midnight, provided that you have installed the shutdown utility from the link above...note that you need the quotes around the command for it to work.

    at 00:00 /every: mtwthf "shutdown -s -r -f"

    Sorry I haven't had a chance to test this exact syntax. I had this working a while back but haven't needed to do it recently.

    I'm trying to remember, but the help mentioned that you may explicitly need to put the cmd.exe in the command structure to get it to run properly, so if the above doesn't work, try

    at 00:00 /every: mtwthf "cmd /C shutdown -s -r -f"

    You can remove at entries by the following command: at /delete so feel free to test and can be fun to automate other things too...

    I would spend more time, but gotta catch a train into work!

    I'll check back later to see how things went for you.


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    Thanks Phil. I have to run to the A/P for a trip. I'll poke this when I get home.

    Thanks again for the help.

    Bob Duckworth
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    I have the same issue - very unstable. I login to BC on the desktop, leave the office and poof When I come back to the desktop, I see a message saying invlaid credentials - like it logged me off and then tried to login in again wihtout me there - weird.

    I have to login again using the same credentials I used to begin with and then it still does not work - get the "Cannot connect to corporate server" message until I reboot desktop and restart BC!

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    I've seen this before, and I think it is related to sporadic disconnects with the Exchange Server. If the network connection drops or Exchange encounters a glitch, it may ask for credentials again. This is especially true of remote offices that are many hops away from Exchange.

    As I mention, having the workstation on the NT Domain rather than in a WORKGROUP environment helps this, because BC (via the Outlook MAPI) uses the existing credentials rather than popping up a dialog box for someone (YOU) who isn't there to answer!

    I blame this behavior more on Outlook, but agree that it is a PITA. BC could handle it better and try to reconnect, but I can only provide workarounds for that which I can somewhat control.

    The new Outlook 2003 client handles disconnects MUCH better and is 100% improved for many things including the BC connection. If you get a chance, I would upgrade to it if possible. I have gone for weeks without a glitch using the new version.

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    I have used office2003 with outlook since it came out. The problem persists, even if it were considered better. It still is three days then WHAM-----freeze.
    Booting every night automatically is novel, and might be okay. But is a kludge and is a good suggestion but a bad solution.
    This one requires the third party provider to Sprint to fix an obvious problem for paid subscribers. I will probably get rid of business connection if there is not a stable version available as a fix.
    It is painful to see Sprint putting its development persons on non-productive things like unlock issues when the paid subscriber (me and others) use their software with issues.

    Another problem is hotsynch when it contacts Outlook. It will hang waiting for permission to access Outlook for X minutes. It needs an okay but hides behind all other windows on the screen so you can't know it is there. So the synch hangs. They need to fix this as well. There must be an option to not require access permission from Hotsynch on a USB cable----hardly a security threat
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    I believe the updated version of Chapura conduit will overcome that dialog box...

    I downloaded version 3.16 from and NO MORE PERMISSION DIALOG! It is not listed under the Treos. You will have to find it in another spot.

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    Just thought I would enter a counterpoint. I have been using BC for over a year now. It used to be very un stable but since about NOV or so when they added the 600 client it is rare to lock up and I take long business trips.

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