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  1. viturin
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    Does anybody know where to get the update or the software that enables us to send/receive Chinese (or other double-byte) SMS?

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    Any ICQ? I send it to you tomorrow. I'm in HK.
  3. viturin
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    Hi Gary,

    I have no ICQ. I have MSN, and YAHOO.

    (sent to you in a separate e-mail)

    Please send e-mail only to my e-mail address, not to my YAHOO or MSN handles since I do not check the e-mail there...

    I use CJKOS (the latest version) and the ROM update for the TREO 2.09 (I guess it still is a beta version). I can write Chinese on the TREO now, but the chinese SMS is being received as scrambled-up chrs. by the receiving party.

    Thanx for your help.


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