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    March 04 the Treo will be upgraded. I have little doubt the 610 info posted is for real. Don't put too much weight into the fact that a filing doesn't show up. There are a whole host of possible reasons. Trying to use that as a barometer means little.

    Besides if seldomright thinks it won't, it's almost assured that it will.
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    Originally posted by TheZodiac
    I dont see a point in having a 2MP camera, maybe 1 as a novelty - this isnt Sony you know..haha....

    They seriously need to get rid of the external nubby. I hate those! Maybe the model for Tmo will be called the 610 since they had issues with it on their network (so I heard) just as the 270 was tmo and 300 was sprint..... could be just a definition numbering scheme for carriers.
    Then wouldn't it be called the Treo570 not Treo610.
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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