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    I've been playing with my new sprint treo600 for 2 days. I am really starting to like the 5-way navigation and I'm getting better with the keyboard, even though I'll sometimes find myself with the stylus in my hand and then remembering that I can't do graffiti (yes, I know I can add this with 3rd party sw).

    The question is, is there a way to read my note (for a calendar item or a to do item) without using the stylus? Some things I can do with my finger on the touchscreen, but that little icon is too small and too near the edge to get my finger on it.
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    I don't have my Treo with me right now, but IIRC, you can press the center button to highlight the calendar item, highlight the "detail" button, and then "note". It's not as long as it sounds.
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    -use the 5-way to move the blinking cursor to the entry you want to read the note for
    -press the center button (this will move the highlight to the Details button at the bottom of the screen)
    -press the center button (opens up the details for the entry)
    -press right three times, moving the highlight to the Note button
    -press the center button (opens up the notes!)

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