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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    > Everyone's knowledge of the DMCA is clearly reflected in the
    > fact that most people here can't even spell the actual ACRONYM
    > right...

    Yeah, ain't that the truth!

    And I even posted a link to the Act...and STILL didn't get it right...sheesh.
    No prob..


    Yea, my experience is certainly NOT first hand, it comes mainly from the Security Conferences I attend (like Defcon in Vegas I do know that it's hard to enforce DMCA internationally, although the WTO has been poised to steer more that way for some time now from what I've heard. Lots of interesting anti-DMCA stuff at, and some of it talks about the WTO.

    A recent example of that would be that Russian guy who published the reverse engineering of (I think) Adobe eBooks, nobody could do anything to him until he made the mistake of flying to the US where he was promptly arrested and detained. The encoding was trivial from what I understand, but it was technically "circumvention of encryption" I guess.

    Someone should write a Peer-2-Peer package that REQUIRES all users to decypher an entrance code prior to connecting, thus forcing record industry spies to break the LAW if they come in to check what songs are online...


    I do know that there certainly ARE DVD backup programs out there which break the encryption of DVD, but I think they are getting by because it is commonly understood that making a copy of your movie for archive purposes is NOT illegal, and also the Fair Use doctrine would permit a movie you own to exist on different forms of media as long as it was never distributed. One legality appears to trump the other, at least that's what it looks like to me...

    So, I think the bottom line is going to be, does the end justify the means? I own this DVD, and according to "fair use", I have the right to move it to another form of media (copy it to tape for example), so to do this I would need to break the encryption and violate the DMCA, so does this make the DMCA unenforceable in this instance? I think the Treo would follow suit, do Treo owners have the right to have an unlocked phone? If so, then it would be hard to enforce a law that prevents them from having something that is rightfully theirs... that'd be the fundamental arguement. I don't know that the users do have that right.
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    I wanna live on the wild side!
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    Well done vulcan, I was trying to find somewhere to host it myself... beat me to it...
    Anyway, they could sue me all they liked, you can't get blood from a stone LOL
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    I am with u, mates, let everyone get this patch and enjoy the freedom of the networks!!!!!!
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    So, MOL... No more soup for us???


    BTW... Thanks for all...
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    Originally posted by scudder
    Well done vulcan, I was trying to find somewhere to host it myself... beat me to it...
    Anyway, they could sue me all they liked, you can't get blood from a stone LOL
    True but they can get FUTURE blood from a stone - it's called GARNISHING WAGES - and if you think courts/lawyers can't/won't do something like that - think again - it's perfectly legal and does indeed happen all the time. I only offer this information because I feel people should know the risks involved - I don't necessarily agree or disagree with the unlocking and/or distribution of this information but I do admire smart engineers and brave souls in general.

    My suggestion to all of you who wish to share questionable information would be to use a P2P file distribution network like fasttrack or gnutella for example. There is client software out there now that can keep you fairly anonymous while distributing things far more efficiently and from more sources than a single web site.
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    Please note that posting actual files (maybe even instructions) quite likely is a violation of the Digital Copyright Millennium Act part (a)(1)(A) (about page 5):

    == "...(1)(A) No person shall circumvent a technological
    == measure that effectively controls access to a work protected
    == under this title..."


    Isn't that special?



    Maybe just some discussion of how to go about doing this in intimate detail might be prudent...
    I hate to point this out but America has no jurisdiction in France, any one who doesn't live in the USA can quite happily ignore the DMCA.
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    Originally posted by vulcan

    I wanna live on the wild side!
    This link is broken, what happened?
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    Well here it is again since we're having so many broken links and many requests for it.

    This is only a temporary link so get it while you can
    5.47 MB in size
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    Ran outta bandwidth, I only get 2Gb a month. Seeing that this is the only thing thats been on there, its apparently been downloaded a good 400 times in about 3-4 days.

    Originally posted by Paul Reading

    This link is broken, what happened?
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    Ok I have downloded the zip file but it containes 40 different files. can anyone post instructions as to what one is supposed to do and in what order please.

    Will I need to make a note of all my settings? Does this update also make the phone permantly unlocked?
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    The least people could do is search for the instructions. They've been posted at least 5 times already.

    Also, please stop sending me PMs asking me to send you the file. I won't send it. Period.
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    You know, this has been a great thread to sit back and watch. You have your legalspeak weenies and your revolutionary anarchists. I'll tell you, with the level of obsequiousness (someone spell check that please) shown, it is a wonder we aren't all enslaved by a digital tyrant such as Bill Gates. Shame on all of you pussies.

    To paraphrase - "A man willing to sacrifice freedom in defense of liberty deserves neither" B. Franklin

    Whoops, time is comes the guard to escort me to my cell.
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    I don't want to sound like a jerk but aren't freedom and liberty synonyms? Your quote doesn't make sense. I think the quote was... "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
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    Thanks seoulman, you are correct. As I said, I was paraphrasing during my rant. Here is the exact quote:

    "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
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    I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV. Nor do I have a vested interest in this because my cingular one is unlocked already.

    There's an interesting twist to this argument. Typically copyright laws are there for illegal copying of intellectual property. This patch is only useful to those who have already paid for a license to use the software. I.E, you can't take this patch and make your own treo, you can only modify your own treo.

    So you are bypassing an electronic lock but unlike the DVD example or the E-book example, the bypassing of this lock does not enable illegal reproduction of copyrighted material. What it does allow is for you to use your phone with a network other than the one you purchased it with.

    Once they sold you that phone, it became yours. They sold you a locked box in the hope that it mould encourage you to stay with them and pay for their expensive data.

    I might be wrong but I think the DMCA has diddly squat to do with this. Part of your purchase price of the treo was a license to use the software contained within. It is perfectly legal to "hack" your OS in many other ways, so I don't see how Palm would have a legal leg to stand on if someone uploaded yet another file to make your OS behave differently. How is this any different from the hundreds of hacks that change OS behavior? A great majority of those hacks are based upon palm copyrighted code.

    Now that said, this will have a negative impact on Palm but not much. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $no$ $one$ $has$ $ever$ $made$ $a$ $really$ $good$ $phone$ $that$ $was$ $totally$ $un$-$hackable$. $The$ $carriers$ $know$ $this$. $Trust$ $me$, $if$ $there$ $was$ $money$ $to$ $be$ $made$ $litigating$ $cell$ $phone$ $unlockers$ $the$ $sharks$ $would$ $be$ $out$ $there$ $doing$ $it$.

    Checking my asbestos skivvies and signing off,
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    Fo r goodness sake, don't start trying to pry this forum with logic....goatmilkextractorboy will be back!

    BTW...fine analysis IIDSSM
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    However, you did stay at a Holiday Inn.
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    Hi Timber

    Excuse me..but i'm new to this

    I cannot seem to be able to dowload the file.
    Has the file been taken off.
    Also are the instructions in any of those so called many files.

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    Can someone please email me the location of where I can get these files. I know I might be coming in late into the game, but I can't find the files anywhere. All weblinks are either broken, or restricted. I just need the zip file, and it'd be great if someone could email it to me.
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