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    What would you like to see in the next Treo?

    I'd like to see the following improvements over the Treo 600:

    More important to me:
    • Hires screen (320x240 or 320x320)
    • 16-bit or better color
    • More memory (64MB or more)
    • EDGE or faster support
    • PalmOS 6.0
    • 2 or more SDIO slots
    • Bluetooth
    • Maintain similar or better battery life
    • Similar size or smaller
    Medium importance to me:
    • Somehow have a larger screen without increasing size of phone
    • Built-in GPS
    • Voice activated dialing (customizable voice activation would be cool)
    • Today app with plugin support for other apps like Pocket PC
    • More standardized OS and drivers so SDIO cards work on more models easily
    Lower importance to me than the above:
    • Faster CPU
    • Audio recording
    • Wireless 802.11
    • Better digital camera (higher res) with flash
    • No external antenna
    • MP3 ringtones (or Ogg or other format)
    • Removable/exchangable battery
    • Record video in addition to photos
    • USB peripheral support
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    WOW! Now that's a lot of improvements.

    For me it's really only a few:

    Better camera with flash
    Removable/exchangable battery

    That's about it. Everything else about the phone I can live with.
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    i'm happy as it is .. but if i can make a couple of wishes ...

    more memory (i always run out of the damn thing)
    internal antenna
    high power IrDa (LONG range so we can use it as a remote)
    Wireless networking

    That's about it i guess
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    higher quality camera, I don't mind the current resolution, but something that take better pictures

    higher speed web access

    hi-res - where early adopters discuss great stuff first
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    Seems everyone pretty much wants the same really.

    For me you could lose the camera.

    But to make me keep the Treo it would have to have:

    Bluetooth & WiFi (at least one of the two preferably both)
    Higer resolution with more colour.
    Get rid of that damn aerial!

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    I would like to see:

    Voice dialing (I cannot believe it isn't available with this model)!!!!!!
    Better res camera (at least 1 mega pixil) with flash (not that big a deal)
    Internal Wi-Fi
    Better res screen (I know - battery life will suffer)
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    would adding a 400mhz xscale processor make the treo's current speeds significantly faster, or would it be so small an increase that it could be left out? (I know it would drain the battery faster, but speed is always good )
    this has been the one thing the tungsten c has that I really wished we had in the treo 600. agendus has a delay during use which I think the xscale processor could eliminate. web pages may load faster than on the current treo as well. im a heavy internet user in the treo 600, so faster web browsing is really what I would love to see in the next treo.
    1) 320 x 320 screen
    2) 65k colors w/ larger screen
    3) 1 megapixel camera w/ flash
    4) 64 mb memory
    5) sd slots.
    6) bluetooth
    7) 400 mhz processor w multithreading
    8) same battery or better.
    9) voice recording ( and if possible, a voice to text capability )
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    You guy's wish list needs about 5 years of engineering progress in order to pack in into the existing form factor and still have a battery after 2 hours.

    Here is my "reasonable" wish list

    1. High res screen - 320x320
    2. True blackberry style e-mail (push not pull) built-in. Supposedly they are working on this.
    3. More memory
    4. Edge support
    5. Bluetooth with active sync. Plugging a sync cable in and manually syncing is so lame. I should be able to add a contact in Outlook and it go instantly to my phone if it is in Bluetooth range. I should also be able to use Bluetooth hot spots in my office to check my e-mail, surf the Web.

    I hope they will not wait 2 years again to release a new phone.
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    Six requests (in order of importance, from my perspective):

    1. High-Res -- please!! (preferably 320x480) Without much change in the form factor (if any). look to the PalmOne "T3" for inspiration -- it CAN be done! ok, I can live with 320x320 in a pinch... but those landscape spreadsheets are... laptop-killers!

    2. Fix the telephone signal quality problems... in "handset" mode, outgoing audio is muffled (regardless of how you hold the phone). Surprisingly, the outgoing SPEAKERPHONE audio is OK... headsets are also better than handset-mode as well, but tend to sound "tinny". The speakerphone also has high distortion (incoming path). The former problem effects a high % of Treo 600's (confirmed with a poll on another thread). The latter I believe is more acute with Cingular Treo's, may be related to the service. I've created a thread to discuss this one:

    3. Fix the cell phone RF/front-end problem. Even in a strong, 5-bar coverage area, a third to half of my incoming calls go straight into voicemail without ringing the phone. This has not been the case with my other Sprint phones, with the same phone # in the same calling area. This problem has been widely reported by other users, and discussed on these forums.

    4. Seperate headset and audio output jacks; and switch to a standard mini-plug. There are plenty of reports of broken-off plugs from people trying to use the Treo as an MP3 player. The plug location is also inconvient for using it with a headset while wearing the Treo600 on a belt clip. On top would be ideal

    5. Better CAMERA performance!! It's "almost" good enough to stop packing a real digital camera... I don't need "photographer" quality; just "scrapbook" quality would be great...

    6. An API to allow 3rd-party developers to offer VOICE RECORDER (DVR) functionality. Or, build a recorder in. Sure, you can call and leave yourself a voicemail but it's cumbersome (not fast enough). This is a very popular feature on other Palm products.

    Bring on the new, improved Treo 7xx family!!
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    this applies more to the palm platform as a whole - it would be nice to be able to have more than 1 open application at the same time, it's soooo ice-age to have to close something, open another app and then go back to the other one.
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    Stronger Vibrate
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    How about an honest vendor?
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    Most important: Hi Res - 320 x 320 minimum, without losing the bright screen (which I love).

    Would be nice: Better camera, power Irda for a remote control, voice recording in .wav format.
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    I would like:

    Higher resolution
    64mgb internal memory
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    faster processor, 400mhz, and multitasking capability, hi resolution - 320x320 or 480.

    we need to be able to access web sites at a fast pace and multitask while doing it. ie.. talking while surfing the web. consult clients about certain topics whose information is found on certain sites, this would truly help the businessman on the go... it would be a very elegant mobile business tool.

    these features would take the tungsten c and the treo and merge them into one powerful, first-class device!

    palmone would truly have a device that would outperform any pocket pc with these specs inside.
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    2Mpix camera

    secondary but why nots:

    Hi-Rez screen
    everything you guys mentioned...

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    Higher resolution screen with full color
    faster processor (to run MP3 simultaneous with other programs)
    64mb memory
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    BT, high-res screen, phone only mode (no 'on' necessary, save batt) lose the nubby external antenna.
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    hi-resolution screen.

    it used to not bother me and I justified it with the "it's a phone with a PDA" excuse. . . but the more and more I try doing the more I'm getting denied because of screen incompatabilities. It's starting to be a real drag not being able to use the occasional cool piece of software because of something like that, that really should never have been.
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    - High-Res Screen
    - Better color depth
    - NO CAMERA, use the extra space for a bigger battery
    - More internal memory
    - Faster processor
    - Additional functionality for the volume rocker, such as scrolling.
    - Better sound quality
    - Better SD card slot, so the card doesn't stick out when it's inserted.
    - Better ESN/Serial number sticker that doesn't start to peel off after a month.
    - Slicker external design
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