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    As some of you (I read a few threats on this in this forum), my SD card (Sandisk 512MB) gets automatically unmounted every now and then.
    I wonder if there is a utility that would detect is a SD card is mounted when the unit gets powered up, and if no, try to mount it?
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    I'm looking for something like this as well. Unfortunately the only solution I've found is to physically re-insert the card to re-mount it...
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    I had this problem with a Sandisk 512, too. After switching to a PNY 256, I haven't seen the problem once. Don't ask me why...
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    This was discussed in another thread. Some users said to format the card with the "CardInfo" app, and you won't have this problem. I have this problem with a 256MB Panasonic, but I haven't gotten around to backing up the card so I can reformat the thing.
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    I also have a sandisk 512, when I first got it I formatted it with the treo, but also have the periodic unmount problem, which is especially an issue when using mp3 ringers, anyone find a workaround?
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    From what I read, it seems there is a problem people are having that the Treos are ejecting the SD card correct?

    I have used about 5 different Treos, and my SD card ejects often. I think I figured out what makes mine eject. The card sticks out a bit more than the dummy card that comes with the Treo's. Any slight press against the top of the card seems to make it eject. I am using the clear top slip case with the strap that goes over the top. When I bump the strap it makes my SD eject. I already see me losing my SD card soon because the strap itslf unbottons often too.

    So anyways, is the problem you guys are talking about similar to this? Or is it doing the eject of the sd cards even when the phone is untoched?
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    This thread is refering to the fact that the Treo 600 will just "Forget" that the SD card is there, with out the card even being touched. It is still phisically installed, just that the t600 forgot that it was there.

    One solution to the "Card is too tall and ejects" problem is to take an Emery board (Finger nail file, non metal) and to "file" the edge of the card down a little. You can place the dummy card up agenst the SD card you are filing and use it as a guide. (I would not file a card in the phoine, as you run the risk of scratching up the lense over the IR port.
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    I read some people have problem with SD cards being ejected (some SD card brands seems to make slightly longer SD cards, and some have suggested filing to make them shorter).

    The problem here is different however: even with the card securely inserted in the slot, the Treo stops recognizing a card is inserted in the Treo.
    The easy way to fix it is to remove it and insert it again. This fixes the problem. But, in the meantime (as long as one did not realize the card has stopped being recognized) applications/files on the SD cars stop working. This is annoying and that is why I was wondering if htere would be a utility that, when the Treo gets powered up and if no card is mounted, would try to mount a card (in case, again, that a card is inserted and not mounted).

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    This happens to me as well. Without touching the SD card the system doesn't recognize it. I have to go into Card Info to have it rerecognize the card. Sometimes I have to take the card out and reinstall it. An auto-mount utility would be very helpful.

    This is what is keeping me from using LightWav (which I bought) to enable mp3 ringtones. I need either an mp3 in core memory or an automount utility to insure that I don't end up with no ring at all.
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    As I posted above, my first SanDisk 512 had this problem.

    My PNY 256 never has given me a problem, nor has a second SanDisk 512. What's the difference?

    Both the PNY and the 2nd SD cards I formatted in the Treo. Thre 1st one I never did. Can't guarantee that'll solve the problem, but it's worth a try.
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    I see this regularly but it seems to happen when the device resets. The Treo 600 has a fairly easy to trip reset utility that automatically soft resets rather than have the device hang-up (preferable since it's a phone). I've found that when the SD Card is mounted it's typically because the device has reset. Thing is, you may not have even noticed it reset because it does it in such a friendly manner. My biggest complaint about this (besides having to pop out the card to play music regularly) is the fact that backup buddy doesn't see it when I don't pop it out after a reset and then it doesn't backup my Treo...

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    Check this thread. I have just distributed a program that will perform auto-mouns of diappeared SD cards.


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