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    I am currrently using mergic vpn mostly to access my network shares with smbmate over the internet without having to open ports and compromising security. I also use mergic for an occasional remote hotsync. I don't have a need to access corporate email and stuff like that which is what a lot of ppl seem to use mergic for.

    is there really a need to direct my other internet apps through the vpn connection? I currently use chatopus, snappermail, and win-hand, is there any benefit in routing these programs' network activity through the vpn?? the version of win-hand I'm using already uses it's own screen / keyboard encryption so I wouldn't think it would make a difference. what about the other apps?? I'm kind of a vpn newbie so I'd appreciate any advice!!

    ps - smbmate / mergic makes for a handy alternative to setting up an ftp server to have access to my home computer's files. smbmate has been aquired by a commercial developer and will likely not be a free app once it is further developed. if you were lucky enough to download the latest free version, make sure you keep a backup, NO LONGER distributes the free smbmate software.
    -- berto
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    FYI, looks like still has it..

    What version is the latest by the way?
    mk3cn4 uses a Treo 600 with ReqWireless Web Browser (others are useless IMO), Snappermail, Xiino, PalmVNC... and is a big infone fan. Cheaper and magnatudes better than Sprint's 411 ripoff,
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    I believe the last version of smbmate was v1.0 alpha build 8. that's what I have on my treo. I used to use it on a ux50 over wifi which was great!! I'm tinkering around with the different "modes" to see which is fastest over sprint's vision. over wifi "mode a" was the fastest, but over vision "mode b" seems a little faster, but nowhere near the speeds I was used to using it. still a great program for accessing shares remotely...

    noone has suggestions on mergic yet??
    -- berto
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    I would like to use SMBmate to access files on my home PC. At home I use a D-Link wireless router. Now I am able to get past the router and do a network hotsync, but so far have been unable to access my PC with SMBmate using the same IP address I use to network hotsync. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this to work?

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