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    Originally posted by scudder
    I have to say that you truely are talking through your hat Jon... I could direct you to thousands of other transatlantic companies who use UPS to ship goods that are bulkier, heavier and more expensive to insure who do not charge more than $10... so IMHO you could try harder if you want to shift the goods off your shelves... but not my loss mate!
    Mol, I guess my other option would be to move to Paris, now there is a nice thought! Goodbye Scotland, hello Marais! Whoo hoo!!!
    Sorry if my post wasn't too clear. The shipping cost to Paris for the fonegear would be 45 dollars as well. This appears to be the standard UPS rate (I quickly checked on the UPS site). I think foneGEAR needs to try a little harder to find lower shipping rates.

    But scudder, this doesn't have to stop you from moving to Paris anyway
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    Hmmm this thread does not pass my smell test.
    (Person A with 10 posts starts a thread about radiation.
    Person B with 5 posts says they are a user of this device which solves multiple problems for the Treo. (wireless handset and no radiation)

    A rep for the company just "shows up"...hmmm)

    Does anyone have this device with more that 5 posts?
    Does it actually work?
    The unit looks pretty cheap from the pictures.
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    Hi All

    Has anyone seen the Blutrek Headsets and Dongle for the T600
    It is a lot smaller than the Fongear or the Unleash

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    Hi, this was not just showing up. I follow news and discussion about foneGEAR, and I think that joining in is the best way to explain the product and be responsive to people's questions. foneGEAR sells the first magnetic induction consumer product on the market, and because the technology is new and unfamiliar to a lot of people, I try to jump in where I can. I think that is in contrast to companies that are not involved with the people that actually use the products. I would not want to hide the fact that I work for foneGEAR, and any testimonials about the headset are unaffiliated and unsolicited.

    If anyone has suggestions on shipping to Europe reasonably, weíre all ears. We want to send you headsets! We are working to resolve tracking and insurance issues with lower-cost carriers, and hopefully we will have a solution in the very near-future that will improve our overseas shipping costs.

    Regarding a discount for users of this forum, we think that is a great idea. Details to follow. Regards, Jon
    Jonathan Stein

    Marketing Manager
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    I applaude you gesture my foneGEARguy. However i would like to point out something and i do not mean to sound rude.

    I assume that most people who purchase equipment such as the Treo 600, MPx200, P900 etc are infact either professionals, busy people on the go or innovators whom either need this gadget/s or want to be the first to have it.

    In which case these products need to be sold/found in the appropriate locations at the right time. No doubt there is high demand for your product but your distribution strategy is flawed considering people either want this product yesterday or need to have it first.

    Unfortunately in order for you to ship this out to Europe/UK, it costs far more in comparitive terms of shipping than the prodct itself. Hence we as consumers have to seek alternatives.

    An innovative product but need to reconsider your distribution strategy.
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    Hi Forum and Jon,

    Firstly apologies Jonathon, I started calling you Jon and everyone follows.

    Also, I feel since I started this thread, I must add some additional points, ok here goes;

    1. I am a professional and having to wait 4 days for a hands free device which is comparable to bluetooth is good news.

    2. The base unit does have a clip for your belt, however as Jon said they will release more gear and since it is new I'm quite honoured to have got at least the first batch.

    3. 120 dollars was all it cost all in to my door. Now at the current exchange rate of 1.86 USD tothe pound, it cost around 66 pounds GBP. That is a pretty good deal for new technology delivered via UPS and tracked all the way. Let me remind you short memory people that a bluetooth headset started at 250 pounds when new, and that was no good. So stop complaining and I'm sure fonegear would love to find a reseller in the uk for the headset. If they want I can put them in touch with some people and hey presto, they will be available in a shop to buy!!! (Sales pitch for me to get in on the act !!)

    4. The cheapest bluetooth headset is around 55 pounds and is made by some obscure really lads/lasses this is a good deal and I applaud once again Fonegear for joining such forums, as they must also have to listen to some rude comments, which is fair enough, its this what makes these forums worthwhile.

    Wow its 12:15am and I must get to bed, gotta work in the morning....

    Oh and if UK orange are listening, please get us that damn firmware update soon dudes, you guys are really slow!!!

    Night Night all....

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    Ok sorry me again....will be late for work in the morning but what the heck...

    I just checked out the blutrek, is available in the Uk at 46 pounds on order and they have sold out, plus the cost of a headset, ie 55 piunds cheapest, sooooo total solution 101 that is erm uh...oh god around 160/170 dollars....sooooo....

    YOU ARE STILL BETTER OFF WITH THE FoneGear headset.......
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    Hi Everyone,

    Shain, I donít think it is rude of you at all to point out that timing and availability are really vital during a new product launch. We are aggressively promoting our products in all the appropriate channels, and I agree that we need to become more accessible. Itís very important to us, and we are working toward that.

    Thanks to you and Adzo J for your comments. We appreciate the feedback.

    I will post details of our discount for the group today.

    Regards, Jon
    Jonathan Stein

    Marketing Manager
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    The headset is now available through European Telecom in the UK. See
    Last edited by euroman; 01/28/2004 at 11:31 PM.
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    I want to apologize for the delay in posting an offer for forum members. Making the arrangements has taken a little longer than I thought it would. Thanks for your patience.

    Here is a new review that was just posted today about the Cord Free Headset:
    Jonathan Stein

    Marketing Manager
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    I bought the Fonegear headset about 3 weeks ago on impulse, and realize I do not really need it. I will sell it for $50 to anyone who wants to pick it up in Midtown Manhattan or the upper east side. It is like new, I only used it a few times. Email me at: (without the no spam) if interested

    I have all the original pieces including manual, but not the packaging.
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    Originally posted by euroman
    The headset is now available through European Telecom in the UK. See
    I asked them about the price: Headset cost is £59.95 (GBP), shipping to Europe is £6.00 (GBP).

    Which is exactly the same price as one would pay by buying direct from fonegear...
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    I bought one of these things. It arrived on time. (I did UPS blue)

    When I put the battery in, nothing..... No green light. They are shipping me another one. It would be pretty cool if this thing worked. I'm very sceptical.
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    The pricing for this is totally unfair as MOL says, shipping plus unit from US = same price as buying in the UK.
    Surely Jonathon could have done a better deal than this?
    Sorry, but I will probably go for the handsfree car kit so I can stay legal in the UK.
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    Does anyone know if the push to answer works properly on this headset?
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    I'm charging up the earpiece as I write (has about 2.5 more hours to go).
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    Hi Again Forum

    I just purchased this headset, infact i drove 25 miles to pick mine up. I must admit the headset is very good. Just a few issues though; i hope someone can help me clarify this.
    1) Does anyone hear the crackling noise on the headset when it isn't being used /idle.

    2) When the treo rings for an incoming call, there does not appear to be any kind of signal/warning on the headset. Only the phone this correct ?

    3) The range is only 5-6 six feet.
    Bar that the headset seems fine so far, infact it is one of the better ones.
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