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    sometimes, my GPRS connexion is not working even if the small icon is there, so i would like to be able to restart/reset/shutdown it without restarting completely the GSM.

    does someone know how to do that ?


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    Go to 'preferences' on main 'application' menu and from pull down menu select 'network', at the bottom of page you will see connect/disconnect button, voila!
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    Just got it ! it works
    Thanks a lot

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    Just got my Treo 600 and very impressed. One question bugging me. When I browse the internet or collect email the service connection icon is the one described as 'you are actively using a dial-up (CSD) connection. Its the icon with the signal strength bars and two green arrows above (page 118 of the Orange Manual).

    My question is that I have signed up for GPRS and have checked my Network settings in Preferences to confirm. Is this the correct symbol for when I am connected to GPRS, or am I 'dialling' up all the time and to my thinking spending money! GPRS appeals because it is always on and I only pay for data transfer.

    If anyone can explain this I would much appreciate it!

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    I get the 'double green arrows' after using GPRS, but it does not mean you are 'actively downloading' all the time it is on. If you check usage you will see you are not running up large chunks of bites.
    It just means you are connected to GPRS (you will know when downloads are complete by the small red icon 'sending/receiving' on the browser bottom left corner.
    It costs nothing to keep the connection live, but if it worries you, disconnect as above.
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    Thats great, so I'm just up of GPRS, cool!
    Thanks for the quick reply!

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