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    I am trying out ideas for a possible article, but I think the question I want to ask would benefit from many more minds than just mine. There have been countlesss threads on the forums for a "dream Treo" device... I searched for a dream software thread, but have come up empty - even still, I think I would like to foster new discussion on this topic, hence this is sticky.

    With OS 6 coming up, Palm OS is going to be gaining a ton of usefulness. Developers will have more flexibility than ever to create innovative and creative apps. What are some dream applications for Treo Users? For Palm Users? For any pda users? What do people want to see their devices do with software that they just can't do yet. For example, wireless has only begun to be exploited on the Treo. Be imaginative...

    Here is what's running through my mind:

    Perfect syncing. I want my future devices to have absolutely perfect syncing to my mac, to my win machine, over the air or whatever. I want the ability to have my exact same data wherever I am, updated live to all of my devices. That includes perhaps mp3's, video's and more.

    TiVo like video. Movies on handheld devices suck, but that is because the movie experience is not made for small screens and lack of attention. TV however is. I would like to see an easy way for my pda to have the tv shows that I want to see but haven't seen yet seamlessly synced to my device, and deleted from my device when I have watched it.

    Streaming video. Simple as that, I can't wait until I can have video chats using my Treo. I have heard that people have plenty of bandwidth to do it using iChat on macs over EVDO networks - why not Treo's?

    Voice Recognition. I have yet to see a voice recognition system that I have enjoyed using, but the concept still intrigues me. There are times when I would just like to talk to my PDA, rather than deal with styluses or keyboards. I want simple control, but most importantly I want perfect accuracy, and ease of use. I want this to be the voice recognition that I enjoy using. (I have voice rec. on my t68i for dialing, and I hate it. It's so slow!)

    Natural language input. I have seen apps that do this, but not very well. I want built into the operating system, a way for me to write "Wake me up at 9 am tomorrow", and for it to recognize this as an event at 9 am tomorrow, and thus add it to my calendar, and more so turn the alarm on because I said wake me up. I want to be able to write down appointments, contacts as I hear them being said to me. The form method is easy to use, but an open ended system requires 0 navigation.

    The one thing that sums up what I want most, is for the treo/palm to move from being a geeky toy to being an awesome appliance. It's hard for me to explain this theory, but compare the Treo to an iPod. The iPod on mac syncs music, calendar, notes, and more perfectly. Its music functions are seamless, but dig deeper and you got an even more advanced system full of games and on-the-go playlists awaiting you. It is amazing hardware with some excellent software. This is a cool appliance. I want software that enables my device to live by me, and not force me to live by it.

    That's all for now, I'm sure I'll have more as this thread develops.
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    Seamless GPS. Ability to use the built in GPS with no external hardware.
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    In before the "select text with the 5-way" crowd.

    I don't have very strong feelings about specific software, exactly -- I'm pretty happy with the stuff that's available for the current OS. Heck, I'm freakin' amazed at the stuff we can do with these devices, to tell the truth. My hopes for the future rest more on overall design.

    I'm a huge fan of the flip-and-rotate design of the UX-50 (or the new Zauruses) and I'd like to see that form factor flourish in the future.

    I'd also like to see the Newton dream realized -- true standalone handheld computers. This would mean no syncing at all and there would be no question about the handheld being able to replace a laptop or even desktop machine. So, again, as far as dream software goes -- I'd like for there to be no real gap between what is available in general and what would be available on a handheld. (Err... and then we could have all the handheld-specific dreams realized, too ...whatever those are.)

    The Be OS pedigree behind Palm OS 6 is pretty exciting, to me, and I'm looking forward to the new handhelds that will come out this year.

    It's worth noting that I don't expect this kind of thing to fit into a cellphone form factor, but then I was never really interested in phones to begin with -- Newton users represent! The Treo really is one of the best handheld computing devices available right now, even if it isn't the last word on the topic. (This is all my opinion, of course, so feel free to flame away. Like, flame away from me, I mean.)
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    I'd like the Treo to be able to
    1. link all of the individual elements of a travel itinerary [Flight (in and outbound) details and hotel(s)] to be able to be beamed with one transmission.
    2. Be able to specify which 'view' of an address book record I wanted - work or home. That way I could keep contacts work and home record in ONE place (and I think someone posted a message looking to get selective call blocking on phone numbers based on time of day which would aslo be a nice to have)
    3. My wife wants it to make espresso :-)
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    This may be a bit farfetched, but I would like to see an entire laptop shrunk down into palm-sized. We have the technology to do it, take the hard drive from the ipod, fuse it with the graphics card of a archos media player, toss in the treo's sound card. Now comes the difficult part, putting in a high quality processor and memory, and of course you need a lets look at this in comparison to other devices with similar capabilities...the iPod comes to mind. One can successfully run a branch of the Linux kernel on an iPod, complete with bootloader and eye-candy! Now get some of the best developers out there to jump into this project with both feet, and we give birth to the next generation of handheld computing.

    As far as the hardware design, I would prefer a hybrid between a flip-phone similar to the Motorola a760 (linux based gsm smartphone available in asia and europe) or even a slider phone like the Samsung SPH-270 (matrix phone) and a swivel like screen such as the Sony NX series. A durable material would be nice, such as the Nokia 8910i in the Asian market...aluminum or something like that.

    Some other things I would like to see are similar to the Treo 600 on one level or another. I would like a satellite phone, capable of incoming and outgoing data anywhere in the world, a Digital Camera, but with a few more megapixels (I'd prefer around 2 or 3). Much more powerful storage I mentioned above, an iPod-like hard drive (as slow and agonizing it may be). Built in 802.11g adapter and bluetooth. And of course, I want a built in querty keyboard. It'd be a shame to have all this power and not be able to harness it on a much larger about a docking station to use as a pc replacement. Some kind of biological recognition system, to prevent unwanted access...and if you think that's high-tech; here it is, straight out of Q's lab, a cellphone with fiber optics. I want to see and hear who I am talking to. And since we're going all out on this one, might as well make it waterproof. How about a wireless pvr tuner...if we can share an internet connection wireless, why not cable television?

    As far as the OS, the most important thing to me is multi-tasking.I would like the ability to talk on the phone and read my schedule at the same time, something like the Nokia 9290 Communicator. I would like a built in GPS system and I would prefer it showed me where I was on a map as opposed to latitude/ really doesn't help me find my way through town given a numerical location. Video capture would be a plus.

    Basically I am looking for an extremely high-powered device, in a treo 600 size, just a bit bigger, with extreme capabilities...yep my "dream treo". Replaces almost every electonic device one ever needs. If they make one of these, one of the first accesories will be a personal heater and air conditioner...

    Yeah it is going to be a VERY VERY VERY long time before someone even designs a prototype of one of these...I'll give it 15-20 years before the first one rolls out...if I eat right I may be around long enough to see it
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    I'd like to hear streaming audio internet radio stations on my Treo where I have the ability to tag a song that I like for download. Not write down the name and artist to look up later, but tag it while it is playing for semi-automatic download later.
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    This is a pretty small advance, but i'm sure the biggies have already been discuss or are common knowledge (such as Bluetooth capability, or hi res screeen)...

    I would like a commercial grade IR LED!! the 4ft IR range of the Treo is almost useless. if I could get 10-12 ft of range from my treo it would make a sweet all in one remote.
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    I would love to see some software, and posibly hardware, that would allow the Treo to quickly hack into and decode high level security / encryption systems. It would have capabilities such as:

    - Electronic door lock hacking / bypass
    - Wireless network autofinding
    - Network / file keygen
    - Data decryption system
    - Security camera remote access system
    - Alarm bypass

    Now, obvuously, I have no use (ATM) for such software. But it would be REALLY cool!
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    Well sure that would be nice, but try telling that to Uncle Bush...

    Seriously though, Since we're discussing fantasy software, I really would like to use my Treo as a "smart Key." Basically I all of the locks in my life (House, Car, Work, ect...) would have an electronic reader (similar to the electronic/magnetic key card entry systems that some businesses have) and I would store all of my access codes on my treo. When I go to get in my car, I simply beam the encrypted codes to my car lock, it electronically searches them for the proper sequence, then lets me in my car. Another keycode would start the engine, another would unlock my house door, etc...

    With this system, I could send a temporary code to my housesitter that expires in 2 days. I go out of town, my house sitter comes over and the lock (run by my household server) recognizes the code as a temp code and allows access. After the 2 day period, the code expires and my housesitter is no longer granted access.

    A similar system would work on all of the lock in my life, so now I never have to carry antiquated mechnical keys (although they may be used as a backup) and I can grant temp access to anyone who wants it.

    Now some people may get all touchy about security and powering the locks and whatnot, obviously I haven't planned all this out, but just doing a quick feasibility test in my head, i can't think of any show-stoppers. I for one, would trust the saftey of my house to an electronic security system (which many people already have) and be more than willing to toss the magic piece of metal we call a key... you know, the one you lose about twice a week.... that's what passes for security.

    PS. I'd liketo link my Treo to a credit card and IR beam money to a soda machine, or vending machine, or wirelessly link it to an ATM to take out cash. This would alleviate carrying credit cards, ATm cards, large amounts of cash (or all cash someday), and possibly my whole wallet!

    AAhhhhh, no keys, no wallet, no MP3 player, no calculator, no voice recorder, no LAPTOP!, no digital camera, no remote control, no GPS reciever... just me and my Treo 6,000 with a 40GB SD card and 50ft IR range and integrated bluetooth. The future looks light and bright!

    Target Date 2010.
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    This may seem rather unsophisticated compared to the extraordinarily creative application suggestions posted thus far.... but...

    I would love for the Treo to log a note attached to each contact every time I place or receive a call from them. The note, at the very least, should record the date, time and duration of the call. Also, after the call is completed, an option (perhaps via dialog box?) to append a description of this call would be super.

    I use my Treo as a pager as well via the TAPI(?) Sprint service. I would love it if Treo would see the phone numbers enclosed in the pages and similarly document the pages as an additional note in the contact database.

    Not Star Trek stuff, but emminently useful for a mobile-dependant professional such as myself. There may be software that does this sort of thing on the market, but I haven't seen it.

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    I just want StickyBrain to Sync with my Treo!
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    I'm sure if I pondered this more, I could come up with more. But, off the top of my head, my dream aps would cover two areas.

    1 - Travel: All reservation made on-line. All info (incl confirmation numbers, addresses, etc...) emailed to my Treo. Treo app reads the email and puts my travel arrangements on my calendar automatically. Each item with an address includes an icon. Tap, or otherwise select, the icon and the Treo launches the on-board GPS directional system. Likewise phone numbers dialed with a tap.

    When I book an appointment (I always include name, address, and phone#) the Treo app should again recognize the address and load it to GPS with a tap. Unlike some of the more grandious suggestions, like my next one, this one could be done right now!

    2 - Multi-media: I love the idea of having a 40 or 60 gig disk to carry a sufficient amount of music and TiVo type vidio. It could be played on the Treo Hi-Res (maybe someday soon) or beamed via bluetooth to a nearby stereo or TV. Who says you can't take it with you?

    Bonus: While were are at it, why not support for a bluetooth connection to an optional blue ray DVD device for additional storage and temporary media playback. The drive could be quite small if it utilized a smaller "Game Cube" size DVDs.

    I love this thread. Keep it coming!

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    This technology should be perfected and added to the treo:
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    I love this thread. There are some great ideas here.

    WHo knows...this may be available, but I'm unable to find it yet. I'd love a combination of software that would allow me to record voice up to about four minutes. This can be stored on an SD card in mp3 or ogg format. With this would be a lavolier or hand microphone so that the sound quality can be of an acceptable quality.
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    Wow, some great ideas! Right now, I am dreaming of the perfect replacement for the standard calendar/contacts/to-do list/notepad. Something that is designed for the Treo and doesn't take you 2 or 3 more steps to find and dial a number than the stock contacts app does. I don't want to have to give up simplicity to get more features - I want to have it all. That is a simple dream, but it is still just a dream.

    It would, as mentioned above, be cool to be able to use it to control security systems. It would be nice if you could use it as a remote control for TV and other gadgets (I know it's possible now, but it isn't practical because the IR is so weak).

    Has anyone tried "Live?" It lets you shoot video on the Treo, but with no sound. It would be cool to have better quality video with sound.
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    I'm easy. I'd be happy with MemoPad breaking the 4k barrier!?! (Yes, I'm aware of some of the hacks, blah, blah.... I use DTG instead, blah, blah....I just think it's a no-brainer that should have been done with my Palm III!)

    Some seriously creative thought here! Ok, how about the ability to scan barcodes, RFID and the like. BIG HD (80+ gig) to store stuff from improved toys. While I'm at it, I would love to to see a universal connector of sorts with lots of plug in toys. Nah, forget that, make them Bluetooth or some other RF. Then install the magic pixies.... Top of the world ma! Uh, sorry, got carried away....

    Really. Just make MemoPad break 4k.
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    I would die (ok, maybe not die, maybe kill) for streaming audio a-la-winamp style. That would make be perfect. Also, seamless voice recording. Of course, this starts leading into hardware, like connection speed, no...?

    The serious suggestion: The treo is quad band, so it's an international phone - so why not more international-friendly? So, I'd suggest a clock integrated into the contacts / dialing, to show the time of the place you're calling if it's outside your current area (read from the towers). You could set the options to warn you if it's the middle of the night where you're calling too. Then, also display a clock of the time (place you're calling to) in addition to the # of minutes on the phone. So, say I set the phone to give me the 'innapropriate time of night to call' warning between 11pm and 8am, and I call Spain at 5pm Seattle time, I get this warning "It's currently XX:XX AM in Madrid. Would you like to continue with your call?" Hopefully any app or modifcation would be less convoluted than my description, otherwise it may not work too well...

    And, full (desktop) Eudora integration with the Palm Mail software - ability to sync, etc!!
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