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    New release of SoundRec is now ready to download. I installed in my Treo 600 and now I can save recordings to SD card. Now... I wrote that the program is able to record both ways voice phone call... not true... you need to place the phone call into speaker... Good enought for me.

    Ah!!! and the MovieRecorder is great too...
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    Definitely the best app to come out of the new firmware! Would it be possible for it to display the newest recording at the top (and highlighted)? Thanks.
    Treo 600 GSM
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    VoiceRec is good - but if you leave it to record on its own and the Treo powers down it can be difficult to get back into it. At best I have been able to restart in the Phone App - at worse it hung the Treo needing a soft reset at the back.
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    I would like to see an auto-record feature that records phone calls to the sd card in low-quality. It could automatically start recording up to say the last 5 minutes (by pre-set default), and with a prompt for more time or to stop the recording all-together. To me it makes no difference whether it will hold up in court. Just playing a short clip back to the right people often does wonders toward getting whatever you were promised.
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