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    Earlier this week, we took a friend to the Sprint store to get her Sanyo camphone repaired. As we were leaving about an hour later, I received a call and it was promptly lost and went to searching.

    Battery at 63% so I didn't think much of it at the time. After about 4 tries, it was okay. Couple days later though, it occurred at 44%. I generally keep it plugged in at home or in the car when not use during long calls/web.

    Never had a problem with my original Oct 03 Treo. Seems to happen below 55%. We will see.
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    I will relate to everyone my experience as it deals exactly with this issue.

    I actually posted this before (in this thread), but I think it got pruned/deleted/sucked into the abyss.

    I have been having the Network Search error for months now. Months!!! I figured out, on my own, that a direct thwap on a semi-hard object will temporarily fix the problem. It's still a B.S. fix for a $600 phone.

    So, a while back, I went down to my local Sprint store to have it looked at and replaced.

    It failed all of their tests and they were all ready to give me a brand new phone right then and there when they noticed that my ESN sticker on the back was not there (it had fallen off). I argued and fought with then for 15 minutes about a sticker being an ignorant way to void a warranty... but they weren't having it.

    (There was another member of this thread with the same issue, but he was smart enough to save his sticker)

    So I left w/o a new phone and w/ several emotions running high about Sprint. When I told him I was leaving with a defective phone he literally said, "Too bad."

    I continued to use my defective phone for an additional two months.

    I _finally_ called Sprint today because I had plenty of free time to deal with them.

    I told support my exact problem and they were ready to give me a new phone. They were very sympathetic and understanding. I just had to go back to the store to have it done. They had marked my account to have it replaced.

    This is when I told him about my lost ESN sticker. He said that was crap and that it certainly does not void the warranty.

    At this point HE is furious with the store that I went to and decided that he would indeed MAIL me a brand new phone.

    I am expecting it in 3-5 business days.

    Go Sprint!!!

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    Same issues except. I was told I could only have a reconditioned phone. I went all the way to the top of management. No budge. My recond. phone works fine (for now).
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    Interesting... I was told it would absolutely be a new phone, no matter what. As it should... we're ALL within the 12 month warranty period. I wish I would have remembered/recorded my tech's name... he really was awesome.

    Also, is there a way to tell if a phone is new or refurb?

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    Thanks to this forum I have a new Treo 600 on the way. Should be at the store in a day or two but it wasn't easy to get.

    I took my Treo to the Sprint store on Friday and described the problem to them. They tested it and it failed every test. The counter guy came out and said it would be covered via the warranty blah blah so I was in good spirits. Then the tech poked his head out and said "Check the notes on the account." The counter guy said the tech noted scratches and dings on the handset so it was obviously dropped so no warranty and no new handset. I explained that the problem wasn't due to being dropped and cited this discussion thread but I finally had to hassle the manager to get a replacement. I specifically requested a new one not a refurb but we'll see.

    I bought my T600 the day they came out but it's a Rev B handset. I have all the network search probs and my battery is going to hell too. Let's hope the next one is better.

    I forgot to mention. I almost always charge my phone via the USB cable. It usually spends 5 hours or more plugged in and by the next day the battery is at least 30% drained whether I've used it or not.
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    I did get a replacement phone although it was a refurb. My biggest issue with the refurb units is that, according to the paperwork that I received, there is only a 90 day warranty rather than the full year warranty my original had. Can anyone confirm as to whether or not I'm reading this correctly?
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    Ya, we've had the same problem here in Dallas. I am on my 3rd unit now. The 2nd was a refurb and was worse than the first. After that they gave me a brand new one with Hardware C. A co-worker is on his third unit as well.

    I suspect it is something with the CDMA radio - maybe it wasnt receiving enough power in low network areas. It worked in some very strong network areas (like the sprint store of course) but wouldnt answer or dial out in 50%+ of my usage areas.
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    Also wanted to add my voice. Didn't know until yesterday this was such a widespread problem. Haven't been able to use my phone with any consistancy for the last month. Don't seem to be having any battery issues though - charges fine and fast. Also works fine at my desk while plugged in - kinda defeats the purpose of a mobile phone.

    One question - what is the difference in the phones b/t Rev. A, B, or C?
    I have an A, apparently.
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    I just realized that after months of my Treo working fine, it just developed the classic Network Search problem... Went to Sprint, supposed to get a new one in a week. I will be very unhappy if it is a refurb... They never mentioned it might be...
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    My new phone arrived today via UPS Next Day Air Saver... very impressed.

    Haven't used the phone much yet today, but I will keep everyone posted. My last phone call (to my father) on the old phone managed to d/c three times in a 20 minute conversation. Let's hope I'm through with that!!!

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    Well, surprise, surprise. I had replaced my original phone about 3 months ago and I got a refurb after going to the store 2x and finally getting phone support to send me out a phone. So my second phone (refurb) started progressively giving me trouble the last 30 days. When I would get a network search I would just smack the phone with my palm (no pun intended) and it seemed to temporarily fix the phone. This worked also when I got the buzzing sound on phone calls.

    Well, I couldn't take it anymore as it was getting worst by the day. I called support, they said I had to go into a store, I asked for a supervisor and they sent me out a phone. I called on Monday, got the phone on Wednesday. Pretty damn fast. It charged yesterday, and guess what ##786 reveals it is a brand new phone. It is a palmone branded phone. But the software is 1.10 and I'm sitting here debating if I should upgrade to 1.20 now.

    Anyways, thought I'd share the fact that there is hope in getting a new phone.
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    Thanks to this forum, I was able to call up sprint with some knowledge behind me... and, after talking to like 12 different customer service reps, I finally got them to send me out a new phone because of the "network search" problem...

    And, on the phone with the customer service rep, he was kind enough to give me the list of ESN numbers that are likely to have this problem... they are:
    09600716001 thru 09600864216...mine was right in the middle!!!

    So, they are going to send me out a new phone and hopefully everything will be happy. But, if I do run into any problems, I will be sure to share it with everyone!
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    I just got back from a Sprint Store. First thing I said was I am having a problem with my phone. He says which phone. I pull out my Treo and he goes, "not another Treo". The tech's were out today so I will go back tommorow and go through the whole dance.
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    It's hardware Rev. B but it did come with the 1.20 SPR and the latest PRL already loaded. I didn't receive any paperwork though I just forked over my Treo (after a battery disconnect reset) and they forked over this one. I didn't (rhymes with itch, starts with b) too much since my original one was pretty beat up and I had to whine to get this one. If this one dies after 90 days I'll plead innocence if they bring up the 90 day warranty issue.

    So far this new one has performed fantastically. I've been able to make calls from locations the other one went into roam mode. Typical problem spots have been the middle of the Home Depot/Lowe's. My other phone didn't like big metal buildings.

    Haven't tried the data speed yet but my other one only had voice problems, not data. If you guys haven't tried it yet, PDANet is the best piece of software ever! I skipped out of work early on Friday and was in the middle of enjoying myself when I got 3 calls from work. "We need this ASAP blah blah customer blah blah" Ok, hang on. Chugged my beer, went into the parking lot, fired up the A/C, got out the laptop and the Treo, launched PDANet, replicated my mail, modified some source code and emailed it out. Mission accomplished!
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    Unfortunately, just had to get my treo replaced a second time. This time (Hardware rev. C) the network search problem...the last time, the dreaded red x through the battery. I love the Treo phone, but I wish it would work...
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    I got my replacement on Thursday, and while it said it was refurbished, the case was clearly brand new. Rev C/SPR 1.10, which was good since I could just restore from BackUpMan... Now I have upgraded the firmware and it is working GREAT...
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    On the 15th of this month, I reported in this thread that Treo has started exhibiting problems. Sunday, May 24 it has begun a rapid death.

    Took it to the Sprint store at Tyson's Corner and it failed miserably. In front and back of me were 600 owners. The man in front up to now, has had no problems with his original but, I showed him that his ESN is right in the middle. The lady behind me was a different story. She's a realtor and has had multitudes of problems with her Treo (volume, buzzing, crashing, and searching). While in line, I showed how to check which version she had and found that she was sold a refurb as a brand new one! She said she didn't think about that since the counter rep "opened the box" and proceeded to set it up for her. Needless to say, she was furious beyond words. The rep that sold it to her 5 months ago just so happened to be there. She let him have it. They updated and reset her phone & gave it back to her. She'll be back she promised.

    Mine? I should have one coming in 2-3 days. I was determined to try to get a new one. We'll see.
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    This is an update to what I wrote yesterday on my dying Treo.

    Today, my wife and I went back to the Tyson's Corner Sprint Store to get her 300 fixed as it started doing its own network search (wasn't recognizing the towers) and crashing in a call. After two hours, they fixed it. Yes, she will have a 600 soon. While we were there, I decided to check to see if my Treo had come in. The CSR checked and said it should arrive in the store Thursday and they will call me.

    Anyway, we got home and to our surprise, we found a UPS box on our porch. Looked inside and it was a refurbed Treo 600. First thing I did was look at the ESN (0900853787) and saw that it was in the same category as my old one which I had purchased new October last year!

    I wasn't about to take a chance with that particular refurb. I was prepared to send it back to Sprint and fight to try to get a new one. Then I realized that I had bought my Treo from Best Buy (In Illinois) and took the extended replacement warranty. I found my receipts, called them and they said bring the old Treo along with all that came with it and they will exchange it.

    We walked the 200 yards to the Potomac Yard Best Buy, and within 15 minutes, I had a brand new, (April 14th, 2004) in the box, Treo. Quick and painless. Goodbye refurb.

    Note: Watch out for that esn and build date!

    This Best Buy had 6 Sprint, and 5 GSM 600's in stock.
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    I am on Teo 600 number 6 with SAME network search problem. I am now awaiting an new "batch" of treos that are outside of thad "bad" range of serials...
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    I've had my new replacement Treo since the 19th of May and it hasn't "Network Searched" once. It has "your call was dropped because the signal faded" about three times, though. Happened once outside, twice inside my apt. It's been pretty good these last four days, though.

    And the web browsing seems about 25% faster for some reason.

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