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    When I visited the Sprint store I told the tech about my problem as he stared at me blankly. Before he even finished the question, I stated yes, I did perform a hard reset, and no, I don't have any third-party apps. He sat there for a beat before his buddy on the other side of the desk piped up and said, "Hey I had the same problem. You have to replace it." Thank you lord, thank you. I had a new one in about a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevep98
    I have been having the Network Search problem, and finally did something about it today.

    My symptoms (even when fully charged):

    When receiving a call, caller ID shows, I answer the call, and immediately the call is dropped. 'Network search' appears in the top left instead of Sprint. This happens for the next 20 seconds or so.

    When making a call, I dial the number, and hold the phone to my ear, waiting for the recipients phoen to ring, and then pick up. However, the phone just drops the call and returns me to the dial screen.

    So, I did my research by reading this thread, and the "Network Search issues fixed by upgrades?" thread (hint: they aren't fixed by upgrade). And I found this very useful message (part 3 of...):

    My ESN falls within the range quoted in that sprint tech bulletin.

    I printed that one out, called my sprint store to check if a tech was in today, and visited the store soon after. When I got to the store, I tried making a few calls before I walked it. Sure enough I saw the problem. But, of course when I walked in the store to talk to a sales rep about it, it behaved perfectly. Anyway, I left my phone with them for 30 mins while the tech guy poked at it. When I got back she said 'I have all the paperwork taken care of... we've ordered a replacement and it will be here in 3-5 days. It turns out the phone checked out fine, but they replaced it because it's in the ESN range.

    From piecing together things from various info from various threads, e.g.:
    "Due to a hardware failure of the battery connector.... the call drops. This experience is coupled with a low battery condition and/or low service coverage." From my understanding, low service coverage means that the radio will be switched out higher power output, causing a bigger current drain on the battery. The batteries, or associated electronics aren't capable of delivering the required current when not fully charged.

    I wonder if I will get a refurb or not?

    My advice: if your ESN is within the range, just print out the tech report and take it to the store. I think it's easier for the tech guy to find the sprint directives on the matter with that description.

    (by the way... I would have printed out this whole thread for them, but some of it was quite abusive towards store people... we might want to keep that kind of stuff to a minimum?)

    I've been having the same issue on my refurb phone but not that often. The serial number falls in that category but its a refurb. But according to palm that they supposedly had a fix for new and refurb regarding this problem. I just hope if I do take it to a sprint service center that it will fail.
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    Ok. So many of you mention you went to the Sprint store and eventually "got a new one". Does that mean an actual "new" one or a replacement (as in "refurbished"). I went in and they ordered me one and they have it in but told me it is a refurb as all replacements are. I haven't gone in to get it yet because I want to discuss with Sprint. I don't want a refurb. I want a new one since this one I have is in their bad lot of ESN's and in a few months when I sell it to buy the Ace (or 610, 650, whatever) I don't want the box or anything to say refurb (and I don't want someone else's old problem phone).
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    I got a brand new last week at the Sprint store. I watched her open the box and the plastic on the phone. It looks brand new.
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    Funny thing:

    I read somewhere on this thread where someone smacked their phone and it worked, I did the same thing...gave it a few whacks, and now it's working fine again. Something's up with a connector somewhere. I will eventually get to the SPCS store for a replacement.
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    it is a battery connector problem.

    Network Search. Due to a hardware failure of the battery connector, a small number of units will encounter a "Network Search" mode when the user is either attempting to make an outgoing call or when the user is on a call and the call drops. This experience is coupled with a low battery condition and/or low service coverage. A fix has been rolled into both new production and the repair and reconditioning process to address this battery connector failure. All ESNs between 09600716001 - 09600864216 that experience this issue will be covered under the standard warranty.
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    I just received a replacement phone from sprint today. I had one of the first batches of Handspring Treo's, and just received a BRAND NEW Palm One Treo today.

    My network search issues were intermitendent, but became more severe in the last week. When I called Sprint support (after enduring at least six busy signals) the rep had the nerve to say 'We're telling people not to run their batteries lower than 50%.' When I told her that solution was unacceptable, she issued me a warranty replacement which was sent UPS red and arrived this morning.
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    How long from when they said they'd send it to when you received it? They told me they'd send a new one and when I called after 5 business days they said there was no record of that. Then they promised to send one this time and I am wondering how long I should wait before I have to call to learn that they lied to me yet again.
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    I placed the call yesterday, and received the phone today via UPS red. I will note, however, that the customer service rep did say it could take up to five business days to receive the replacement phone. I'm also a business customer, so I believe I go through a different call center.
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    I am still waiting...and I don't want to have to wait another 30 minutes on hold to get yet another customer service dolt who tells me they have no record of it being sent yet again. I get each person's employee number but they tell me that they are not reachable directly and whomever you end up getting in the customer service crapshoot can only email the original person and hope that they call you back (so far that has never happened). What is the number you people have been calling to get satisfactory results?
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    Sorry to hear you're having such trouble. I too have found Sprint's customer service to be a notch below that of Verizon Wireless, which is pretty lousy as well .

    The number I reached for business support was:

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    i just got mine replaced. went into the sprint store, they ran tests and the next day i picked up a new treo
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    HELP!!! After going through three different Sprint customer service idiots, they promised me a replacement by UPS. Today, by UPS, after a week, I received a packet. In it was an empty UPS return envelope and a piece of paper that reads"PCS Handset Return Kit" What the hell is with these idiots?!!! How do I get them to send me my new replacement for my bad ESN Treo that is constantly having problems?!
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    I just spent the past hour plus reading every post in this thread. At least now I have the info I need to make a case for a new Treo tomorrow at the Sprint Store.

    My Treo is Rev A, bought directly from SPCS on day one they were available. My warantee date is 9-11-2003, so I need to get this resolved ASAP. Phone just started doing this. I wonder if the issue has something to do with the number of time you plug into the charger plug on the phone. I only charge once a day (all night), my phone has only gone into the red battery twice. I very rarely charge with the car charger, but sometime charge with the car charger plugged into a wall outlet cig plug.

    Luckily I am a biz customer, so maybe I can get this resolved quickly and painlessly.

    Thanks to all for the great info in this thread.
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    Well, I got a new Treo600. Went to the Sprint PCS store in Kennesaw, GA (N. Cobb Parkway), and luckily was waited on by the manager, Kevin. He gave me no flack about swapping my Treo for another, but told me that they would order me a reburb unit and it would be in on Friday AM, handed me my phone back and was ready to move on to the next customer. I politely explained that was not good enough (the first think I did BEFORE I showed my Treo was ask if they had any in stock, so I knew they had them). It only took about a minute of "chatting", but Kevin went in the back, came out with a new Treo600 (PalmOne Branded and verified with ##867), provisioned it, and I was on my way. Two thumbs up to Kevin and Sprint on this one. I have very harshly critisized Sprint in the past on customer service issues, but this was a fairly pleasant experience.
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    OK. Now that my phone again did not arrive, I was told that I have to give them my credit card number and they send a new one and once I send the old one back they credit me back for the charge on the new one. Is this what you all went through? Originally they said they'd add the charge on my monthly bill and as long as I sent the old one back they'd take the charge off my bill.
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    Just to put in a good word for T-Mobile, when my Treo went terminal last week, I called T-Mo tech support, answered a few questions about what I had tried to resuscitate it, and was told a new phone would go out that day. Of course, it took DHL 6!!! days to deliver the next-day delivery package, but that wasn't T-Mo's fault, and I got the replacement Treo today. My old Treo was a Handspring international (unbranded) version (not purchased through T-Mo). Interestingly, the replacement, while it came directly from T-Mo, is also a international (PalmOne) version.
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    Add me to the list, guys. My 8mo old T600 started going on the blink weeks ago; took me till now to check in at treocentral to see if mine might be a common problem. My CS techie at T-Mobile was very professional about this and my replacement is on the plane.. Hope it works properly.
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    Me too... I started to have bad issues last night 99% of the calls are dropped. I chatted with Sprint CS and after mentioning this site they said yes they heard of the issue BUT i still have to bring the unit into the Spint Store for an HP test before I can think of a replacement...

    We'll see
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    Ahhh went to Sprint today prepared to complain about my Treo 600 and the No Service/ Battery issue but when I went in there i mentioned it to the rep and he took my esn number ran a HP test (it passed) and then said
    "well it passed the test but the ESN numbers are in the range"... He then handed me a reciept to pick up a replacement on Friday. He assured me th issue was contained... I'll let you know...

    I do need to say thanks for the crew here because i thought it was just my issue. The problem started after we were hit by hurricanes so I was like tower issues. Then I came here and you guys told me otherwise. Kudos!

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