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    Lately, when I use the speakerphone, the voice quality is fine on my end, but the person I'm talking to says they hear all kinds of screeching noises. Even when my 3 year old isn't around.

    Anybody know what is causing this and how to fix it? Has anybody gotten a replacement phone as a result of this problem?

    I'm sure this question has been asked and answered dozens of times. But the search function here only seems to go back a couple of days, and I don't want to spend hours looking for a previous board dealing with this.

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    This is a to-the-best-of-my-knowledge summary of what you might find on this board regarding your question:

    - A higher percentage of GSM users than CDMA users report audio quality issues, esp. with the speakerphone. But the majority of posters seem to have satisfactory units.

    - A couple of people have gone through the trouble of getting Handspring/palmOne to replace their defective units. In those cases, it took multiple replacements to get a working unit (if they ever got one at all).

    There's no other information concerning a fix, to my knowledge. There's a firmware upgrade floating around (unofficial for US users since it's an upgrade for the international version of the firmware) that may or may not fix the problem.

    My own experience is this: I'm on my second unit and it also has crappy audio quality. Using it as a handset (not as a speakerphone or with a headset) seems to be acceptable, though the horrible buzzing manifests itself when the battery level drops below a certain percentage. So I've resigned myself to my meaty fate, hanging onto it, hoping they will release a fix, and using my SE T616 in the meantime.

    There are still recent threads on the firmware upgrade topic, and if you do a search on "speakerphone echo" you will find the threads related to your original question.

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the summary. I appreciate the trouble you took in putting it together. For some reason, when I previously tried to do a search, I only got results from the last couple of days of posts. Tonight when I did a search on "speakerphone echo." I got years worth of posts. The search engine is more robust than I thought.

    However, in scanning the multiple boards that came up with the "speakerphone echo" search, I didn't notice anybody with exactly my problem. When I use the speakerphone on my 600, what I hear sounds fine, although a little buzzy if I've got the volume too high. But the people I'm talking to say they hear a screeching sound, not an echo. The complaints are bad enough that I turn off the speakerphone. Which is too bad because I like being able to use the speaker rather than hold the phone to my ear.

    It sounds like there are a lot of issues with the speakerphone quality, but not a clearcut solution.

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