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    I've been a longtime Sprint Business Connection Personal Edition user but I don't like its inconsistency. I do, however, like being able to access my work files and email them from my Treo. Is there any other top-flight email program that can do that as easily as BC? I've tried to search the archives but I can't find this feature.
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    So I take the silence to mean that there currently is no program in the marketplace to compete with Seven/Sprint's Business Connection?

    More to the point, no other email program can allow a user to access, attach and email a file from the user's "My Documents" folder on their work desktop?

    I find that hard to believe.
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    What about Mergic VPN?

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    VPN is not what I need. Thanks anyway though. I guess I'll have to live with BC.
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    Have you considered the capability provided by Cutting Edge Software solution's (i.e. Mobilefile & QuickOffice Premier) combined with Corsoft Aileron e-mail service or maybe SnapperMail?
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    Hmmm ... MobileFile might have potential. I have SnapperMail already but it doesn't do corporate mail. Hate to pay for another email program. Guess I'll have to pursue further, thanks.

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