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    There are times when I'm in marginal service areas when I'd like to KNOW that the phone just lost the network. I know I can just watch the LED go from green to orange, but I was wondering: is there any software or settings that can make the phone beep to tell me this has just happened?

    I remember old nextel and sprint phones where this was a common feature.

    Thanks for any ideas.
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    From your preference icon select sounds>application>phone>tones> under service tone> toggle it on
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    That's what I thought, and what the intructions seemed to imply, yet I've never heard a tone when this happens, regardless of the setting of that item.

    Could it be that it doesn't work for me because I have a Cingular phone on T-Mobile?

    Thanks again.
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    It works fine for me, Cingular on Cingular network.
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Oh well, maybe it's a network thing. I just confirmed it several times by putting the phone in the microwave (it's nicely shielded... just have to make sure not to accidentally turn it on) and each time the LED changed, but no sound happened.

    Thanks; maybe another Cing/T-Mo hybrid person can let me know if it's network related or just my problem.
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    My Cingular on T-MO produces a tone when I go in/out of service.
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    do you have your system sounds turned off?
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    my 1st treo had the same problem and never sounded this sound. I received a replacement because of another issue (dead earpiece) and the new one sounds this sound.

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    My Cingular T600 on T-Mobile makes the out-of-service tone
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    Originally posted by sbono13
    do you have your system sounds turned off?
    That's it!

    Thanks so much. I feel like such a dummy. I didn't want the clicks that go with tapping and 5-way navigation, so I turned the system sounds off. I didn't realize that would kill the service area tone as well.


    Thanks again!

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