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    G'day everyone from Melbourne Australia,

    U probably all know that Treo600 rocks! but i had to say it again.


    a. does anyone know how to use mp3s for alerts and tones?
    b. when buying software online, which are the reputable ones can u suggest?
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    i don't know about you, but i got a free program when i first registered my treo at handspring. I opted for ptunes and i'm pretty glad i did. It handles MP3 pretty good.

    In answer to the a question, there is a program that has the ability to start some other program on a fixed time. So you can start your mp3player whenever you want to wake up. Problem is i don't seem to remember the name, so you'll have t do a search here.
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    Originally posted by gripfx
    b. when buying software online, which are the reputable ones can u suggest?
    If you take a look at the following 2 threads:

    They both have suggestions on good software. You can always search on this forum for the name of the applications you are interested in. If there have been any problems in the past, there is a good chance you will find it here. I have never had any problems buying software from,, or directly from the developer.

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    same here...palmgear or handango work great for me, latter has the slight advantage of a frequent buyer programme where you earn points for sales redeemable in the future

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