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    I've had my Treo 600 (Sprint) for just over 3 months and have had only one major problem. My Treo 300 of 15 months never had a problem.

    Twice, the battery indicator has read 100% for several days and then crashes and resets upon charging.

    The first time it happened was a weekend. I used the phone Fri, Sat, Sun and noticed the battery was still showing full. I hadn't charged it since Friday morning and made several calls over the weekend. I went all day Monday w/o charging and then Monday night tried to make a call and the battery was totally empty then it crashed. Once I placed it on the charger it reset, charged and worked fine. That was about six weeks ago.

    Last night I went to make a call and the same thing happened. I didn't pay attention to the fact that I hadn't charged it since Wed and that it still read 100%. This time I got the message my batt was low and I needed to shut down. Before I could do anything the screen went blank and it died. I plugged it in and the LED flashed orange then green and just kept going back and forth. The screen flashed battery low shut down then the warning went away. The LED color changes and warning screen flashing lasted about five minutes. It finally reset and charged. The whole time it was charging the LED was orange.

    The battery charged and it seems to be working fine now. I know the LED is supposed to be red and green but I swear it was orange. It has always either been red or green. This was the first orange I'd seen.

    Anyone ever have this false battery indication?
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    I also have battery false indication sometimes. Mine usually stuck at any remaining percentage of battery life, eg 70% for many hours. I usually soft reset it, because I know it cannot stay at 70% for days. I never had it run to flat. This has happened several times. Is there a fix?
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    I had that happen last night. My Treo had a full charge but only read 48%. After a soft reset it correctly displayed 91%.
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    Mine had the stuck % a couple of times, and the soft reset unstuck it. But eventually, I tried a soft reset while charging (I forget the special term they have for a soft reset while charging). This also unstuck it, and also the problem has not recurred since.
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    I have the same problem.
    esp the flashing orange and green charging bolts.

    tried everything, but problem persist.

    will need to get it swapped out.

    do you use a mini-sync cable (charge and sync), like boxwave?
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    Yes, I used the Mini-Sync from Boxwave this weekend to charge it. Not sure if that is why it flashed orange. I've used the Boxwave many times but never when it was totally dead.

    I'm going to try a cradle reset like gusher1 mentions.
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    My battery indicator is acting weird again today. Either that or there's something wrong with the battery. I charged to 100% last night, and this afternoon it showed 40% and slowly decreasing, i.e. no stuck. Should I hard reset it? Soft reset doesn't seem to make the problem go away.

    FYI, I used the charge/sync cable for the previous Treos (270 etc). Could this contribute to the problem?
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    I have my T600 for sometime now and everything has been fine regarding the battery until lately. I have to experienced the false indicator but is was when I was using the MP3 player and Itunes. It stuck at 77%. I performed a soft-reset and it cured the problem.

    My latest issue has been with the battery life. It seems as though it is not lasting as long as when I first got it. I use to be able to use the T600 all day for voice and data without problem. I purchased a sync/charge cable and now the battery seems to drain very quickly. Any advice? Should I have it swapped??
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    ok i am having battery issues too. shorter life definately per charge, the false green light when it is charged at only 70% or so, and now an alternating green and red light as it charges when i don't get the false green. i have had my treo since november 2003. i wonder about the rest of you? have you had them a long time? maybe this is how the treo behaves as the batteries dies...this is not good.
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