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    Well, after using a trial of Chatter, I was happy to see IM capabilities on my Treo 600. The only thing that was missing though, was that there's a limit to 64 buddies across the board. Are there any IM clients that can fetch/keep up with all the buddies on your origional accounts? I currently use Yahoo, AIM, and MSN.

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    Have you tried Verichat from ?
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    The newer versions of Chatter allow up to 128 buddies.

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    Thanks for the speedy reply !
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    I think Chatter allows 128 Contacts... not just 128 buddies. This means if you have a buddy who has a presence in both AIM and Y!, those can both be combined in one Contact.

    I have some buddies who have AIM, MSN, Y! (and E-Mail)... all under 1 contact in chatter
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    FYI - Verichat has a limit of 100 users in your AOL IM buddy list - if you have more, then you don't receive incoming IMs.

    I know this was an issue back in late November - not sure if they've fixed it...
  7.    #7 chatter has 128 user cap, with cross-IM platform users not counted twice, and Verichat crashes on 150+ member AIM lists. Are there any that actually D/L the buddy lists from the service, and tracks them all accordingly? Or are there only Treo programs for pre-defined user lists?
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    Verichat downloads the buddy list from the respective service and tracks them accordingly.
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