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    Hi all,

    I have been a user of Palm for a number of years and with my extyensive travelling the combination of a phone a PDA as the TREO600 is offering is the perfect solution.

    In the UK the only provider is Orange and I went into one of their shops today to buy it. The salesperson however told me two things that I found quite strange and I wanted some confirmation.

    1) He said that you cannot remove the battery as you can on any other phone, so I guess if something happens to the phone for e.g if you travelling you are completely stuck. Is this the case?

    2) More importantly he told me that you cannot switch the TREO off completely. What I mean is that you can use the on/off button to switch off the phone, but there is no way to turn off the PDA altogether. Is this is the case my concern is that there is going to be a serious drain in the battery.

    Point (2) is obviously a lot more important to my decision and I would really appreciate if someone can provide me with some answers/ ideas, as I came so close buying it today, only to leave the shop quite disapppointed.

    Thanks again guys.
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    this has been discussed many many many many times.
    try doing a search for this...
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    Tks for the polite reminder ..I have put the title I used for the threaad under the Search facility and I got 5 pages of various messages that didn't provide me with the answer. Perhaps you can suggest a more relevant title search?

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    I believe you're correct about your first question: the battery is not removable, although I *think* Handspring sells a separate battery "module" that you can connect to the Treo if you're going to be away from a charger for a while.
    I don't find this to be a big deal, however. I've had additional battery packs for other mobile phones in the past but have never used them as I'm rarely away from electricity long enough to need them.

    For your second question, yes... sort of. When you turn the wireless mode off, and turn the screen off, it's essentially off. Sure, it's doing something in the background like keeping the time and checking for calendar reminders and such, but this really doesn't drain the battery much. I would imagine that it would go for weeks (probably months) if you left it this way on a full charge. Nothing to worry about in my opinion.
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    Tks for your reply Minsc
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    As far as turning the entire device off, it's just like any other Palm OS system. None of them can be turned completely off. But the phone and screen backlighting are by far the biggest battery drains, so turning those off will make a big difference.

    And while you can't remove the battery, there is a reset sequence that, supposedly, acts just as if power had been disconnected. Not just a hard reset, but something more complete. I think they refer to it as a battery disconnect reset, or some such.

    Try doing a search for that.
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