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    It's nearing two years old, and it seems my charging connection is shot. Initially it just seemed to be flaky, requiring me to fiddle with the angle in the dock, then would only work with extreme angles with the wall plug charger, and now nothing seems to work. My usage habits don't warrant a new phone, so I'm open to ideas on what exactly might be wrong and how I might fix this. Any ideas?

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    Check out this 270 thread for repair advice, should be the same as 180

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    The 180 is very similar. Not sure if it was forgotten, or different, but there are two screws holding the keyboard/screen to the PCB. I needed to remove these to unfold the two to access the problem side of the PCB.

    Regarding the problem, it is exactly as you explained. My A1 & 2, and B4, as well as several of the smaller leads closer to A. Had it just been the larger leads, I would be happy. Unfortunately, there is a reason I failed so many of my EE labs. I'll have a friend look at it and see if he is comfortable with it.

    Thanks again.

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