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    I've downloaded the trial version of SM and like the UI but seem to be running to some issues.

    Sprint the way.

    It fails on send too often. I use Lotus Notes for my business Intranet/email and it can't play nice with POP3 accounts.

    My two main emails seem to work intermittantly. And SM can't complete emails to AOL accounts...

    What gives? Anyone having the same issues and if yes is there a work around.

    And, what alternatives to SnapperMail are worth looking at to send and recv'e from a minimum of three email accounts?

    For instance...
    one of my email address' is "my name" I can send to that email but when I try to send to another person who has "his name" it fails.

    it recv's from with no issues.

    Likewise, it won't send to an AOL account.
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