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    Perhaps others may know more here, but could it also have to do with the Readylink service they have introduced (push to talk services)? That could be taxing on their servers as well, and they've had to perform work on the servers to get Readylink up and running and the speeds they intended. That and switching over to onboard SMS spells many changes Sprint has made recently. A problem with one server can affect users in many states.

    Just a thought, but I haven't heard of any real capacity issues on Sprint's end. I also don't think they're planning any major changes in speed until early 2005, though they could begin testing out EV-DV much earlier in select markets.
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    That last post may be spot on. After call number four and 10 minutes talking to a vision supervisor, it sounds like it's a combination of ready link, new provisioning methods, and SMS rollout all happening at once. It was funny, after having just told me his data speeds in the midwest were great, he ran a dslreports speed test on his phone and got 6kbit/s. It was worth the 30 minutes on hold just for that moment. BTW, my vision service is horribly slow again today. Sounds like this may not change for a while as final SMS rollout isn't due until Feb. 1 with a few incremental add-ons between now and then. He also blamed new Sprint promotions, picture sharing, blah blah blah.
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    The sprint technician here in Albany said that beyond the fact that there had been many promotions increasing their capacity, there had been a number of downed towers this past month on the east coast, which were being upgraded - and that the portability issue was also causing them a huge number of headaches.

    Who knows. I'm having the same problem with the web but not the email. I rarely can get on the web when I actually want to check something.
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    My question is, if Sprint is being taxed by the number of users, why does it mainly seem to be Blazer that's affected? I can get e-mail, AIM...etc., and I can use WebPro to surf.
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    Why also is my wife's i500 working, but my Treo is not when these problems occur? I check both when I am having an issue in the evening, and her i500 seems to be fine.

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    It affects my email too. Many times it will get stuck whil trying to send an email & then just time out. I assumed it was my smtp server...
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