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    I've tried various sketcher applications and on every one, when drawing a diagonal line, it comes out stairstepped. Drawing curves or jotting letters and numbers results in poor legibility.
    I've tried a demo unit at an electronics store and got the same result, so I believe it is a product design deficiency.
    I have had other pda's and they are much better.
    Since the Treo does not have voice memo, the sticky pad applications are the next level of convenience, but this problem makes them not very useful.
    Speed and pressure during drawing/writing affects the results, but when writing notes they can't be controlled that accurately.
    Any advise?
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    I found the same problem. I suspect it has to do with the Treo's 120x120 screen.
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    BugMe is pretty smooth but I'm not sure it would qualify as a sketcher program. You can draw with it and the lines are pretty smooth.
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    I just downloaded BugMe 4.41. It works much better. Diddlebug, Sketchy and a few other drawing applications did not.

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