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    Is this possible? I have todo items open in the datebook, and I can scroll to them, but center-press moves the focus to the buttons at the bottom of the screen from the currently highlighted todo item. If the text cursor is at the end of the todo text, I can scroll left to the beginning of the text but left from the beginning moves to previous day.

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    I mentioned thei "feature" to Handspring in an email. Their response was not what I'd call, "promising."

    Here's an excerpt:
    Thank you for contacting palmOne (formerly Handspring) Technical Support.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We understand that you are unable
    to check/uncheck the To Do List items with the navigation buttons.

    We will provide you with a series of steps to resolve your issue. Please
    follow these steps:

    Unfortunately, the navigation button cannot be used to check/uncheck the To
    Do List items.

    You will have to tap on the box with the stylus to check a To Do List item.

    For Checking off a To Do item
    1. Choose the item you want to check off.
    2. Hold Option and press Return (the lower most arrow button on the right
    hand side of the Treo 600 keyboard).


    They gave no indication if this would be addressed in a future firmware update, or not. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, at the same time, requesting anyone with the skills to do so, to write a patch for this. I rely heavily on the Built-in ToDo app, and am not keen on swithcing to another.

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