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    So is the network search a indication of a coming or impending hardware failure or is it just a sign of buggy phone software?

    I seem to have this happening occasionally in areas even where I know the signal is good - and it usually follows right up with a strong solid signal.
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    I had mine replaced, because the problem never worked itself out.
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    I've been getting network search occassionally too (maybe once a day), but it's not bad enough that sprint will replace it (it passes all their diagnostic tests). I've had my treo for 3 months so i don't know how to force the issue. I'm just hoping that it will get worse and worse, so that I can show the Sprint tech when it's happening.

    Another seemingly related symptom is that i will also occassionally get a red "X" thru my battery meter, during which the treo will not accept a charge. I've read on these boards that a few people who have reported this "feature" are also plaqued with network search.

    Incidentally, my network searches started happening after I installed Verichat. Does anyone else think that Verichat might have something to do with the dreaded network search? Can people who have seen the network search error chime in and say whether they have/had verichat installed?
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    I guess I should let them at least run the diagnostics on it at the Sprint store.
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    I also have Verichat installed, but the device was stable for three months before this started happening. I don't really want to uninstall it, but I could to see if the problem continues...

    Also have the same problem with the battery meter. It is very odd...I had mine plugged into power all night, and in the morning, it showed only a 37% charge...UGHHHH. The next night it charged fully after I had run the battery down to almost zero.

    Also, the network search problem seems to happen more when the battery is low, so the two seem to be related. I think the Sprint techs would accept a return on the phone more easily based on the "battery recharge defect" since the "Network search defect" seems to be tougher to reproduce.

    My Treo failed the diagnostics at the Sprint store, so I'm waiting on a [backordered] replacement.

    This is not very fun...
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    I developed this "Network Search" problem about two weeks ago. It got to the point that I could not make or answer calls over 80% of the time. Even though I bought it directly from Handspring, they insisted I take it to a Sprint store for testing. It failed the test but they said it was still able to make calls. (Of course it would while I'm in the store.) But they were out of stock. After a week of waiting, I finally received a replacement. It turned out to be a refurb with Hardware level C. The old one was level B.

    I don't have Verichat installed. So I doubt that is the problem. I also noticed that when I had the Network Search going on, battery power was consumed much faster.
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    I had my Treo 600 for about 4 weeks before I was unable to make/receive calls about 80% of the time. The phone would ring and then ... "Network Search"

    I found that if the phone was plugged into a power supply it worked without problems. But this sort of defeated the purpose of having a cellular.

    I went to the local sprint store to get a replacement unit...luckily the sales guy located one in a warehouse in another city. As he goes in back to fillout the return I turn around to look at the store. I notice two other people waiting for support on their phones. Care to guess what model the only 3 people in the store requiring support had??? And one particularly unhappy gentleman was on his 2nd unit after having replaced the 1st because of the "Network Search" problem

    So, 48 hours later I pull up to the house to find a package at my doorstep. Damn quick replacement time. I take the replacement unit, which was clearly marked "Refurbished" by the way, to my local store and ask if they can activate it for me. The people are very friendly and have it activated in less than 5 minutes. I get in my car, plug everything up to top off the battery, and head home.

    About 5 minutes after I get home my Treo rings. I hit answer and don't hear anything. Thinking I had a setting off or something I hit speakerphone and have my conversation and hang up. Then I begin playing with the phone to set everything up the way I had it before and go to check my voicemail. I hit speakerphone again my messages are happlily droning on. Now I'm thinking this isn't a good sign. I try my headset and everything is perfect. Go back to just the handset and NOTHING. Can't hear a damn thing.

    After a quick call to Sprint Customer Service I am informed that I will have to go to a local Sprint store to obtain a replacement unit. Needless to say, I was my explanation that I had only had this unit for less than 3 hours !!!!

    So, does this phone have what people want? Yes. That is evident to anyone who has tried to purchase one and been told that they are constantly back ordered. Is the Treo 600 ready for prime time. Most likely not. There appears to be an excessively high failure rate on the hardware.

    But, I remain optimistic. Third time is a charm ya know.
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    1. No, I don't have Verichat installed, or ever had it installed, so I don't think this is the problem.

    2. I do believe there is a related power (battery) issue involved. I have noticed quicker battery usage and much slower charging time since the problem surfaced 3 weeks ago.

    3. The battery level indicator is sometimes not accurate. After charging all night and noticing that it was still at only 37%, I did a soft reset and then guess what - it was at 99%, what you would expect after charging all night long.

    4. I bought my wife a Treo 600 just 2 weeks after I got mine in mid-October and she has NOT experienced the dreaded "Network Search" problem. She has "Hardware: C" also, so that is not the problem.

    I am convinced it is a hardware problem. Since it has been manageable so far, I'm waiting to see how it plays out. I don't want to go through the whole replacement thing and loss of time at the Sprint store only to end up with another one with a problem. If this is ultimately a problem that will develop in all T600's, then we need a more "permanent" solution.

    Even if you are able to use the phone properly most of the time, it is UNACCEPTABLE to NOT be able to use the phone (or any of the other features, which is the case during a "network search") for a $600 smartphone.

    Imagine if during the 10 to 15 minutes that a "network search" failure generally lasts, that your loved one is calling you in an emergency and cannot get a hold of you!

    Imagine if an emergency comes up at your office or business and your people cannot get a hold of you because your phone is temporarily experiencing a "network search" incident.

    NO, not acceptable!!
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    By the way, is it only SPRINT phones that are experiencing the "network search" problem?

    Any other phones using other carriers that are having this problem?
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    Well we seem to have struck a cord with the network search thing. I did a HARD reset the night I had the network search and it seems to be working now. I have had the search a couple of times over the last days but I am not sure I want to take it in and swap it for a possible refurb if the next HW could have it to.

    Is there any avenue to getting this information to Palm itself or are we forced to deal with Sprint all the time?
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    I have had the network searching error. I retored my phone the factor settings and still got the error. I gets progessively worst until you can only use the phone while hoot to a charger. I when through the same bs as others. called treo guys the sprint then store then spring rhen handspring. no body had ever reported this problem before. I forced treo to registar my issue since I feel it is a battery hardware issue. they did. however sprint said since I had a scratch on the side of the phone my warrenty was void. I had to replace the phone via insurance. everyone needs to call treo and make sure they get your feedback. I am sure I will have the error again once this replacement fails. as will all 600 owners. this is a big problem with the treo and the sprint service
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    Search for other threads on this. Happened to me as well.

    They DO know about the issue, or they wouldn't have replaced mine so quickly.
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    I let my batt run down to 23% then the network search problem came up. I took it into the store and it failed the diagnostic test. It is happens pretty regularly now. Plus the East coast is experiencing Vision problems. My replacement should be here in two days. But I don't want a refurb so we'll see...
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    same exact problem here.

    - Network search starts appearing and dropping me off calls.
    - Around the same time started getting a red "X" through my battery at random charge levels. Even if i had a 80% charge, I'd see the red X. Occasionally, it would immediately change my battery to 0% and the phone would start a countdown before it shut down due to low battery. After the countdown it would realize the battery was actually near full and would show the accurate level again.

    I use Verichat several times a day. Doubt this is the issue though, since my previous T6 had verichat and never had this problem (replaced it due to another problem).

    Will try a hard reset tonite and see how it goes. After I hard reset, how do I tell the hotsync manager NOT to reinstall all the software - just the ones I want.
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    Create a copy of your backup folder on your computer - it should be under some variation of your hot sync name in your handspring program folder. Rename the the backup folder and delete the programs you don't want in the new backup folder. Make sure the new folder is named "backup" because that is what your Treo will sync to. Good Luck!
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    This problem was driving me crazy one night before I left work. It really irritates me when I can't use my phone. I spend $400 dollars for a $600 dollar phone and I can't make a simple phone call. I am here to dispel some myths about this problem because I have it to the extreme. My problem went from ocassionally irritating to a non-stop network search loop. I could only stop the loop by turning of the wireless mode.

    1. My problem was not caused by a drained battery. When i am at work I have my phone charging via a sync and charger cable most of the day.

    2. My problem was not caused by Verichat. I have used Verichat for almost a year including 3 months on my Treo 600. I have never had an issue. I had just installed various trial versions of other software.

    3. A hard reset did not fix my issue. I first tried soft resets and of course that didn't work. I finally did the dreaded hard reset. For some reason my apps never reinstall the same. Anyway, the hard reset didn't work. I tried it twice.

    This problem was finally fixed in a moment of frustration. I resorted to shaking the phone and finally bumping it against my leg. It worked!!! I reinstalled all of the software including the trial software I originally thought be the culprit. Everything works fine now. I do get the occasional dropped network signal but all Sprint phones do ocassionally. I wouldn't be surprised if this problem resurfaces but if a leg bump will work I will do it everytime. I would rather eat gravel than work with Sprint for anything.

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