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    Anyone know if there is a hack to make the vibrate a little slower or something?

    I probably will get a leather case just for this reason, the freaking thing sounds like a dirtbike when on vibrate, and people can hear it from like 15 feet away!

    A slower vibrate would probably prolong battery life too, but it's probably not possible I'm guessing.

    Anyone else come up with a solution for this?
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    I know what you mean. My first Treo sounded like a chain saw. The second (first was replaced because of a screen pixel flaw) is very quiet on vibrate mode.
    I did fix the first one with the loud vibrate mode. I had my phone open for some reason. The vibrator is a tiny thing the size and shape of a mechanical pencil eraser. It simply snaps into place on the plastic body of the phone. What I did was pop it out, then wrap it in one or two layers of foil to make it larger. Then put it back in. The tighter fit fixed the noise problem.
    If you do a search on this board someone posted pictures and discribed how to open the phone, if your so inclined.
    Good luck
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    I have just had my Treo 270 replaced under warranty. The replacement is much quieter than the old one which was louder when it vibrated than a quiet ring. However, the new vibrator sounds so much quieter I wonder if it is 'too quiet' - i.e. defective or dying.

    I know it's hard to consider this matter online, but have you any thoughts?

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