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    The microphone on my Treo suddenly died yesterday, without warning. Soft and hard resets didn't fix it. Ear bud and mic still work fine. Took it to my local Sprint store, they played with it a bit, then said they'll send me a new one in 2 business days. Guess I'm stuck using the earbud for now. At least they are replacing it hassle free.

    Anybody else experience microphone sudden-death?
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    No, but I had earpiece failure. I had to use an earbud until I went to Sprint. They had one in stock, so I had it about 4 hours later.

    Exact same sudden death, nothing will fix it situation.

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    I had my Treo 600 for about 4 weeks before I was unable to make/receive calls about 80% of the time. The phone would ring and then ... "Network Search"

    I found that if the phone was plugged into a power supply it worked without problems. But this sort of defeated the purpose of having a cellular.

    I went to the local sprint store to get a replacement unit...luckily the sales guy located one in a warehouse in another city. As he goes in back to fillout the return I turn around to look at the store. I notice two other people waiting for support on their phones. Care to guess what model the only 3 people in the store requiring support had??? And one particularly unhappy gentleman was on his 2nd unit after having replaced the 1st because of the "Network Search" problem

    So, 48 hours later I pull up to the house to find a package at my doorstep. Damn quick replacement time. I take the replacement unit, which was clearly marked "Refurbished" by the way, to my local store and ask if they can activate it for me. The people are very friendly and have it activated in less than 5 minutes. I get in my car, plug everything up to top off the battery, and head home.

    About 5 minutes after I get home my Treo rings. I hit answer and don't hear anything. Thinking I had a setting off or something I hit speakerphone and have my conversation and hang up. Then I begin playing with the phone to set everything up the way I had it before and go to check my voicemail. I hit speakerphone again my messages are happlily droning on. Now I'm thinking this isn't a good sign. I try my headset and everything is perfect. Go back to just the handset and NOTHING. Can't hear a damn thing.

    After a quick call to Sprint Customer Service I am informed that I will have to go to a local Sprint store to obtain a replacement unit. Needless to say, I was my explanation that I had only had this unit for less than 3 hours !!!!

    So, does this phone have what people want? Yes. That is evident to anyone who has tried to purchase one and been told that they are constantly back ordered. Is the Treo 600 ready for prime time. Most likely not. There appears to be an excessively high failure rate on the hardware.

    But, I remain optimistic. Third time is a charm ya know.
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    Got my replacement in 2 business days. It is a ''refurbished'' unit, but seems pristine. Of note, this unit is Hardware ''C'' (original was ''A''), and it seems to have about 30% longer battery life. Maybe they've tweaked some software. Anyways, no complaints about Sprint customer support here!

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