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    I, too, am getting the same "SMTP Rcpt To: command failed: 550 sender verified failed" error when I try to send mail through my roadrunner account, although I can receive mail fine. Is anyone having success sending mail from a Treo 600 to a roadrunner account using Snapper? If so, please let us know what your settings are.


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    okay, if anybody can help me, please do...

    i can receive mail just fine.

    i am using my own private email.

    for receiving mail:

    but for the smtp:

    i don't know what to put here...

    i've tried the same mail settings

    does anyone know what to put for the sprint settings? or where i can confirm or find out my sprint account name?
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    Check out the following thread:

    It has very good instructions.

    Me = Nokia 5170/Palm III > Kyocera 6035 > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 755p > Treo Pro > Palm Pre

    Wife = Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 755p > Palm Centro > Palm Pixi
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    ok. I have 2 actual emails in my outbox. when I send/receive it says 'sending message 1 of 3'. yes 3. then when send/receive completes I get dialog to view error Log. When reviewing log, the 2 actual emails got sent ok, and third has error message of 'No Sender Address'.

    basically somehow extra blank email is stuck in memory. I dealt with it for two weeks until I finally uninstalled/reinstalled snapper. Problem went away, but now its back after one day.

    Any thoughts on how to resolve?
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    Many carriers (Verizon for example) only allow mail tranmission through their own SMTP servers. It's a security measure to ensure people are not spamming through their network. Your incoming can be your regular mail server, but your outgoing might HAVE to be your provider's. I know this for certain with Verizon...I would assume some other carriers are the same.
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    I don't know all of the "technoguru-speak" but I experience the very same problem you guys are describing when I first downloaded SnapperMail. I had to call my ISP to correct the problem. The tech guy said it was a security issue cause by the fact that I was trying to send email from Cingular through my ISP's SMTP mail server.

    If I remember correctly he said he had to identify where the email was coming from and authorize that source.

    He had me up and running in just a few seconds.
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