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    Any ideas/solution to a battery drain problem. A fully charged T300 loses its charge after a 20 min call. The bar drops so fast into red, the call cuts off, and then when i reboot its got a good middle bar charge. Any ideas???
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    I have the same problem and it is frustrating. I am going to replace the batteries and hope it fixes the problem. Maybe it is time to upgrade to a treo600 ???
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    I had to have my Treo 270 replaced twice for the same problem, which Handspring did, quickly and for free both times, which makes me suspect it's a known defect. This time I called and got a really unhelpful and unfriendly person on the phone (usually they've been great), so I gave up and went with the email support. We'll see what happens. I bought the first 270 in 7/02, then they replaced it in 11/02, and again in 7/03. I'm hoping they'll replace it for free again, but preferably with a different model, since I suspect they all do this.
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    I was beginning to experience battery drain too after about a year of use , so I bought this battery and my battery problems are now temporarily over. also sells a battery for the Treo 300.
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    Solution: dump the treo

    After having the Treo 300 for 1 year and dealing with the short battery life for a very long time I can no longer deal with it.

    I'm currently on the phone with Support and I've never ran in as many circles as they put me through... The bottom line is that the Treo 300 / Spring PCS service is not a reliable phone for business users or for people who rely on the phone to actually work when you need it. The treo is a great idea .. just poorly engineered and poorly supported... just my 2 cents..

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