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    I had a problem today where my phone speaker will cut off while i am on a call.....noticed the screen will shut off.

    Removed Skinner 2.0 from my phone...presto problem gone.

    Anyone running a virgin treo have probs?
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    This is a fairly common thing unfortunately, esp. in regards to apps that arn't fully designed to run under OS5.

    I don't think many people would have a virgin treo for too long.. there are just so many things to do with the third party apps! Or perhaps thats just me being a nerd....
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    I wonder how many people running a virgin Treo would actually come and post here? I run lots of 3rd party apps, but I have no problems (touch wood!)
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    I have yet to come across an app that hasn't crashed my Treo 600 at least once. I've tried Agendus 7.0, Silverscreen III, Launcher X, etc. etc., and they've all crashed my Treo at least once sometimes even more. I don't have this problem with other Palm devices such as the Tungsten T3. But Treo has got its work cut out for them. It's just frustrating that almost every software app I've downloaded into my Treo just doesn't work according to what the ads state they do.
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    A big part of the problem is that there's no longer a true 'standard' Palm OS outside of Palm. Every maufacturer adds their own extensions, and software vendors have to try to accomodate them. Just check the Datebk5 group on Yahoo.

    Anyway, the Treo probably has more extensions than others with the Dpad, keyboard, phone, etc.

    But my Palm hasn't crashed at all with most of the apps I use, and I've got a bunch of them. Right now my Palm hasn't reset in a week.

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