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    Pardon me if this has been posted elsewhere...I did a quick search and did not find a satisfactory answer...

    I currently have three T600's. I only need one, but I can't seem to get any of them to work right. The major problem is the center button on the d-pad.

    I'm pretty sure that its supposed to stick out a little and have some sort of "clicking action" when you press it. As is stands now, I have no idea if I'm actually pressing the button hard enough to send the command. Awfully frustrating.

    I bought a unit from the cingular store and the center button is difficult to press. I bought a cingular unit from handspring and the center button was great, but the damn thing would not stay in wireless mode. I asked for a replacement and the new one has the same issue with the center button.

    Any thoughts? Similar experiences
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    ok...sorry...upon further searching I've found threads that discuss this. I'm led to believe that the build quality varies from unit to unit. I have a friend with a Sprint version and the center button is very easy to press..."click" and all. One of the cingular units i have has the click....I guess its just luck of the draw.

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