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    Recently, I noticed that the "Option-P" combination no longer has any effect on backlight brightness. I had mLights installed at one point and have deleted it, but still no change. Anyone else had this problem? Know how to fix it? (Haven't tried a hard reset yet, suppose that's always an option.)
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    Is your brightness already set low? It seems to only work if your brightness is at least above the midpoint on the slider. I got tired of always hitting option-p and slid the brightness down, then option P didnt work. Wish it would then do the oposite. It would be nice to default to dim, and then option-p to brighten the screen when I walk from the buildingto the car etc.
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    Opt-P worked fine for me with or without mlights. What other software have you installed recently? I'd especially look at anythign that might intercept keyboard operations, like TreoButler (although that doesn't seem to effect Opt-P either).
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