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    I've just upgraded my firmware to verion 2.08INT on my cingular Treo 600 using Tmobile. The upgrade went well. Biggest improvement was GPRS connection. It's now so much faster. I was able to check my yahoo email through, synchronize weather, currency information with WorldMate and also StockManager. All of this through TZone. I don't need the unlimited data service. Just the TZone will do since I can synchronize most of my software through TZone. Note that I couldn't synchronize most of the software with TZone before firmware upgrade due to GPRS being too slow or buggy.

    The main problem was internal memory. I was running low until I find PowerRun. Get a free trial version at This program moves your software to the SD card and creates a shortcut with the same icon and the * at the end. It works well with most of my utilities, games. I have a dictionary program that does not support expansion card so the main databases are still residing in the internal memory. I haven't figured out how to make it run from the SD card yet. But overall, it's a great program to free up more internal memory.

    I'm happy with my Treo after the firmware ugprade at this point. Thinking about upgrading it to the next firmware version which is 2.09 I'll wait to see what the changes are but if anyone knows, please let me know.
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    Another option that works very well is Launcher X. This includes a file manager that let's you move programs or other files to the SD card. They then show up in Launcher X with a little SD card image next to the name.

    Remember, of course, that only Read-Only databases can be put on the SD card thanks to the stupid limitations of the Palm OS <g>.
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