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    Bit of a silly question but being very new to the treo600 & having not seen another one before I’ve got a couple of minor issues with mine that I need to clear up.

    · Keypad backlight – should the telephone button light up? cos mine doesn’t!
    · The 5 way pad - should the center button click like all the other buttons when pressed? My button feels like it’s slightly stuck!

    Like I said they’re not major issue’s but the phone has been like this since new which would’ve been fine if it was free but it wasn’t so………. I’m looking at returning it for another one if it is in fact ‘faulty’,
    I’ve also had a few other problems like it occasionally locking up then rebooting and the wireless mode rebooting itself too but it seems like everyone else gets that so I can live with it for the time being since a software update may well fix the problem.

    All in all a very impressive phone, has a few issues but with any luck they will be fixed soon enough
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    Yes, my phone button lights up blue. But all four buttons are so dim I have trouble noticing the light in all but the darkest conditions.

    No, my center button doesn't click like the regular keyboard buttons do. But there is a noticeable amount of movement between top and bottom.

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    thanks for the reply

    just phoned orange and they'll get me another one out on next day delivery
    pukka service!

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