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    All the above is true but for me its the SMS (texting to Europeans) threading - no other phone comes close - its awesome. No more getting messages mixed up and sending wrong message to wrong person.
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    I love the fact that I can find "answers" to questions that even HS doesn't have a clue about...

    I love that I can find a site where so many characters out there can come and talk about this phone they seem to be having an affair with...way too much time on their hands!!!

    Party on!
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    Originally posted by GeekyMom
    Thanks for the link. I was hoping the process was simplier. -LOL

    Glad you got it to work for youself.

    Once you've done it a few times, it's not really time-consuming. Snapstream automatically records the video, of course. Once you've worked out the VirtualDub settings once, you can save them, so the entire process of converting from Snapstream's video to a Treo-compliant one takes about 3 minutes (followed by some chugging on the comp - I let all mine convert overnight).

    Copying from the comp to the Treo takes about a minute using a card reader. So the entire process is really painless.
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