I have encountered a minor problem with my T600 & Hotsyncing.
If I try to use the QuickInstall util I will NEVER install new apps. Sometimes I'll have a problem installing new apps via the old Install app. However I can beam it (I do not have a memory card for it yet) to my T600 and all is well. (It will even restore properly) Any ideas?

A little background on me, This is my 6th PDA on this computer. My other PDA's have been (In Order) Palm III, Palm IIIC, Handera 330, Kyocera 6035, Sony NR70V, Treo 600. Currently Active on this computer are the Sony NR70V, Treo 600, and Handera 330. I have been keeping the Palm Desktop Up to date. (IE: I install the new version when it becomes available.)