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    Hello. Here is my goal:

    When you receive a voicemail on a Treo 600 (and other Treo's, I imagine) the screen that is displayed has two large icons: "OK" and "Listen."

    If you click "Listen," the phone will dial your voicemail.

    I want to change the Listen icon to dial another number.

    Namely, my buddies SPCS number which will eventually forward me into my own mailbox. The goal, of course, to receive my voicemail without spending anytime minutes.

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    I don't know how to do that, but you can map the entire string to check your voice mail this way to another favorite / speed dial button. I've assigned the following string to "M" (for My voice mail--V is for my work voice mail):


    and the following to Extra Digits:


    and then checked the "Dial Extra Digits automatically" box.

    NNN-NNNN is my son's phone #
    MMM-MMMM is my phone #
    and PPPP is my voice mail pin.

    Now all I have to do is press and hold "M" and I'm automatically connected to my voice mail without using anytime minutes.
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    Originally posted by meyerweb
    [...] I'm automatically connected to my voice mail without using anytime minutes.
    Neat trick, but it only works because you have PCS-to-PCS calling, right?

    Anyone else think it's a gip that you can't check voicemail, i.e. call your own number, for free with PCS-to-PCS...?

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    Correct. Without PCS - PCS it would still eat up anytime minutes.
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    Does this seem cheap to anyone else?
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