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    Guys try this:-
    1. Dial any number (speed-dial / manual dial, whatever).
    2. While the T600 is dialling (but before the call connects to the other party), press any of the keys that options as a number, e.g. E.
    3. Try moving the dpad, pressing a "home", or anything else for that matter. It doesn't work. The T600 will freeze up and the call will be kept alive until after about 1 min.

    Remember, this only happens on keys that have numbers as options.
    Does this happen on your T600?
    It does on mine and it's really annoying.
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    Yes....that has happened to me. Just before it "unfrozed" itself, the "aquired network" beep would sound off. Called SPrint about it and they stated to take the phone back to a SPrint store. I also asked them to reprovison my phone. He stated that it would not do any good but I replied that any try is better than no try. After the reprovison, the issue had seemed to go away but appeared again a few days later but not as drastic. I have done a hard reset and also deleted any extra programs that I did not need. I have an idea that something is trying to see Visions network. I deleted and reinstalled TreoSMS600 and also the mail program that handpsring gave out for us Sprint users. I don't get the freeze up much anymore but when receiving calls from time to tim, the phone only rings maybe no more than three times before the called is sent to VM.....and right after that I hear that "network aquired" tone again.

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    Thanks for the response.
    However, I do believe that our problems are quite different.
    Yours seems to be a network-related issue.
    Mine is a problem caused by bad implementation of software code. Remember, that my problem only occurs if a number is pressed whilst the Treo 600 is in the dialling process.
    I may be wrong and they might both be the same problem but on the basis of your description I would have to say no.
    Thanks anyway :-)

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