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    hotsync always end to backup hanheld database,
    pls help me how to turn this off because it takes a long time, sometime nearly to 15 minutes to finish syncronization.
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    First off: that's a totally awesome subject line.


    You can modify the Hotsync operation to not backup your databases, and I think you can probably do this for specific programs, but I'm not the guy to tell you how because, while I do sort of understand your question, I can't remember how to do this, offhand. Try looking at documentation for the Hotsync software you are using. (You also don't mention what platform you're using, so there's that, too.)

    Now, you aren't doing something obviously ridiculous like syncing over infrared or over wireless or something, are you? Is your computer feeling okay?

    Mainly, though, I want to suggest that you make sure your databases are not overly large. Do you have a million contacts? Are you saving every email ever written? Trim those suckers!

    Good luck, duder.

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