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    Every SMS message that I get is "From: Unknown". Is this normal?

    I just started using Treo600SMS. I went through the trial period about a month ago and I remember it working then. At the time, I decided not to pay for it and just wait until Sprint started offering MO-SMS. I have since gotten tired of waiting and went ahead and payed for Treo600SMS. Now it doesn't seem to be working.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? I contacted PDAApps about it and they had me delete and reinstall Treo600SMS but that didn't help. I noticed when I reinstalled it that it already knew about my registration information. That leads me to believe that I didn't actually delete ALL of it. Anyone know what I need to delete to completely remove it?

    Thanks for any help that you can give.
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    I just started to receive this behavior on my Treo also. (Sprint in Chicago market, with Treo600SMS installed).

    The SMS messages also arrive displaying 3 or 4 X-Header lines, like the hidden part of an email message header block appears when there's an extra carriage return accidentally appended at the end of the address line. I cannot yet determine where that's being introduced as there are several layers of servers passing the message back and forth.

    The fact that it happens on both our phones indicates that it's probably a server-side issue, not your local softwarem but there might be something else that our Treos have in common. Did you recently install anything else besides Treo600SMS?
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    I've noticed with TREO600SMS that if I do not have a person in my TREO600SMS list of names I send or receive messages to, I get that "unknown" also. So maybe it has something to do with TREO600SMS itself.
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    I am seeing the x-headers also. Glad I'm not the only one having this problem... well... not exactly glad. But at least I know I'm not crazy.

    I haven't installed anything in a while. I was having problems with receiving notifications from short mail. After about 2 weeks, Sprint finally called me back and said they "found the problem" but to fix it they needed to "reset my account". That involved wiping it clean and relaunching me. I'm wondering if that had something to do with it. At least I get the notifications now.

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    I am getting this, as well...and cannot "respond" - the "forward" option is all that comes up...and after testing, it seems to only happen when coming from an email address -- when froma phone number in my address book, that is the retrun to address, when a number not in my addressbook, then the number is there for return...this, the issue seems to be with SMS from email addresses...yes?
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    My girl friend uses Verizon and occasionally her messages come from (her name) followed by "an illegal character was detected". Or something of the sort. It happens every so often and when it does it shows it on all of the messages she has sent me. Once it stops all of the previous messages return to their normal text.
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