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    My Treo 600 is costing me about $100 each month. My breakdown is:

    T-Mo plan: $50
    Insurance: $5
    Extra Text Messenges: $3
    Unlimited Internet: $20
    Taxes: $6
    Programs: Averaging about $16/mo

    Total: $100 per month. My software budget shown go down, as I now have about everything I need.

    I'd better get back to work!
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    I'm paying:

    - $75 SprintPCS plan
    - $15 PCS Vision
    - $4 insurance
    - $6 misc taxes
    $100 month

    I also need to spend about $150 in initial Palm OS software.

    Loader X
    Snapperfish Email
    Docs to Go (or something like it)
    Image viewer
    Movie player
    MP3 Player
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    I am on a shared minute plan with my 3 kids. Before this phone, I had a small flip picture phone which was on the same shared plan so no extra cost there. The only additional expenses that I have incurred after switching to the Treo are insurance ($4 a month) and software (about $25 a month but I expect that to nosedive since I am pretty well set on software now).
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    I am actually saving. I am on a shared plan (2 phones - 2500 minutes). When I had my Kyocera 6035 I was paying $135.00 per month. I am now down to around $120.00 per month. That includes insurance, taxes, etc. I am pretty set on software...until I read another thread with some neat application.

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    Monthly Service Charge: $ 70.00 (my phone) 750 anytime mins
    Monthly Service Source: $ 37.00 (hubby's phone) 300 " " mins
    Taxes and Surcharges: $ 17.00 (included in above)
    Vision: $ 10.00 (included " ")
    Lockline Insurance: $ 4.00 (Included " ")

    Total: $107.00 Jan. bill total
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    My Company has a 25% off corp. discount with sprint. My wife and I share a plan. We each have a treo. We pay $75 for 2000 minute, unlimited vision, PCS-PCS, Night and Weekends. We do add $3 per phone for the insurance. So the total is $81.
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    $45 sprint wide area 1000 min plan
    $15 vision
    $ 4 insurance
    $ 7 taxes and whatnot

    $71 total bill
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    I refuse to pay more than $35 for phone access (300 mins + nts\weekend) and that includes the Sprint Replacement Program. I use the 'pay as you go' deal for limited data email.

    Sorry, guys theres no way I could convince my wife (or myself !!) to pay close to or above $100 a month for phone access unless it was career critical and supplemented. At the end of the day this is a phone we are talking about and not a second car!!!!
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    I have 2 Treos on 1 plan that share the following minutes:
    $80 - 2000 anytime, unlimited n/w, unlimited pcs to pcs, unlimited vision
    $4 - insurance
    15% discount
    $85 - total monthly charge
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    I am saving money from before I switched to the Treo 600.

    Before my Treo 600

    Sprint 800 minutes - 69.99
    Phone protection - 3.99
    RIM/Skytel subscription - 50.00
    RIM protection - 3.99

    Total - 127.97 + taxes

    With my Treo 600

    T-Mobile 2500 minutes - 99.99
    Treo protection - 3.99
    Unlimited Data - 19.99
    300 Text Messages - 2.99

    Total - 126.96 + taxes

    A small decrease - but - I have increased my minutes signifiantly (needed more anyway for my new job). Plus I now get Friday free from T-Mobile, so I might be able to cut back my minutes.

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    I share 2 phones on one plan

    $59.99 for 500 peak time minutes and 5000 night/weekend
    Free Wap enabled Internet (uses airtime for internet)
    $4 Various taxes & surecharges

    $32/mo total for my half of the phone bill.
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    monthly bill including vision

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    Well let's see here:

    1.Bought the Treo for 149.00 a week after it came out.
    2. Sprint Plan:

    2000 minutes $85
    Free unlimited E/W 7pm to 7am
    Free unlimited Visions
    Free PCS to PCS
    Free Picture Mail

    Had an accident last month.Someon ran into the back of me forcing me into the back of someone else. Seeing that I was not hurt, got out and started taking pictures of all the damage to all 3 cars. Called my insurance company and sent pictures and other driver's info right from the treo 600 to the insurance agent. THen called police, text messaged (Treo600SMS)a friend that I would be late for dinner and check email. All while at the scene.........!!!


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    I have AWS GSM.

    99.99 "Unlimited anytime minutes"
    12.99 "40 Mb data"

    1 Time - Purchase of Treo Apps:

    Inbox to go
    Beyond Contacts
    Mapopolis/Serial GPS
    PTunes Deluxe
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    TMO Get More 3000: $50.00
    Unlimited T-zones: $5.00
    Insurance: $4.00
    Taxes and s**t: $7.00
    Total : $66.00

    What are the advantages of the unlimited internet? I have tzones unlimited and can go to any website on my treo and get all my email and have no problems receiving calls or anything. So why do people pay 20 bucks for unlimited internet?
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    Treo Cingular 700 minutes National family plan - 5000 offpeak free - mobile to mobile free.

    Plan $49.99
    Additional line $19.99
    Text messaging 100 - $2.99
    5MG GPRS $14.99
    Total $87.96
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    $50 for me
    $20 for my wife
    $10 for unlimited vision
    $5 Free PCS to PCS
    also includes 7pm-7am and weekends free. We share 400min and only use about 300.
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    I got the AT&T Wireless $12.99 data plan in which it gives me 4 megs and then about $.06/kb afterwards. I had to download a mailer (Snappermail) which allowed me to pre-screen my emails (look at headers only, for example) because it was costing me about $85/month to use the thing on visiting hotmail (w/images turned off) and espn. The data plans are really terrible with AT&T Wireless. With all the money I've spent, I could have just invested in a T1 connection or have a year's worth of DSL paid in full. What rip off.
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    I don't mean to laugh but I actually feel bad. I have Sprint and I get:

    750 anytime
    750 night/weekend
    unlimited vision
    unlimited sms (when it gets here)

    All for a whooping $21.10 after taxes!

    You gotta love dealer lines!!! Got it from my fiance.

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    2000 A/T
    U/L N&W
    ~ $110/mo

    for me Treo600 and my hun's Sammyi500.
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