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    80.00 2000 shared plan on phone free
    20 Kid phon
    12 insurance

    I think this is like the old fron in boiling water Analogy. Slowly we are mpaying more and more just wait until FIP Fiber to the primise really gets kicking next year.

    When you think about it $100 plus for a Phone! But now we are hook and can not live without our Email, and Web access for $2000 a year. The carriers should be sending us Christmas and birthday cards for the money we are investing in them.

    But what price is your time? In my busy life I much prefer to call ahead to the wife, office or kid so I can know whats going on or where I need to be at a given time. Some may say “What did we do before Cells” well my response is what we did before cars, houses, electricity, fire...
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    2000 anytime minutes w/unlimited n&w (starting @ 7)
    Unlimited PCS to Pcs
    Unlimited Vision
    2 phones on the account
    Still need to get Snappermail but everything else is good
    Total cost?

    I sell ALOT of Sprint phones!
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    Originally posted by heberman
    My Treo 600 is costing me about $100 each month. My breakdown is:

    T-Mo plan: $50
    Insurance: $5
    Extra Text Messenges: $3
    Unlimited Internet: $20
    Taxes: $6
    Programs: Averaging about $16/mo

    Total: $100 per month. My software budget shown go down, as I now have about everything I need.

    I'd better get back to work!
    us poor brits have to pay £45 a month for unlimited web access on the treo & it' s made even worse by only having one phone company that supports it! (orange)
    no chance of shopping around for a better deal then

    kinda limits the uses for the treo over here really
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