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    Is there an application launcher that takes advantage of the Treo keyboard?

    I would really like to use the up and down buttons to navigate from one icon to the next, then use the return key/spacebar/pick-a-key to select and launch.

    Is that asking too much?
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    I've found that "McPhling" works great as a launcher using only the keyboard (actually - mine is set up to use the 5 way pad).
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    When I use ZLauncher I never touch the screen - strictly the keyboard.
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    I still use the 270. Hopefully one or both are useful even without the 5-way.

    Thanx for the tips!
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    I don't know how I missed this app seeing I use several others by Mike McCollister. But I did....

    Until last night.

    I might throw my stylus away. I'm hooked. I'm sold.

    Thanx, again for the tip.
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    Launcher X 1.1 works great with the Treo 600 keyboard. Don't need a stylus at all.
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    Colauncher !!!!!

    I love it
    I've got shortcuts linked to every single button
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    Try RNS:: Hi-Launcher
    RNS:: software for your Treo!
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    I find launcher x does a great job.
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    Hi-Launcher is great, but needs application exclusions. Gotta be able to play Gizmo without triggering a launcher menu ;-)

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