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    Hi there,
    Was wondering if anyone has had any luck in silencing the Treo600 both on the device and the desktop when performing a hotsync using Hotsync Manager ?

    I have an auto synch scheduled every 1/2 hour so I always have my latest corp mail if I need to run to a meeting but it's a little distracting to have the sound chime on the device and on the pc.

    I did try quietsynch
    but it doesn't seem to work

    and there's also silentsynch but it's not free and I'm dubious as to whether it will work ?

    Appreciate any assistance
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    QQ: How do you do auto hot sync? (Sorry..I know this doesn't answer your question)
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    I silent all system sounds on the treo from the prefs/general tab. this includes silent hotsyncing...
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    For Auto Synch I'm using AutoSynch1.6 at

    On the silencing issue. Thanks for the responses. The suppression of system sounds works great.

    I don't suppose anyone knows whether there's a way of turning of the sound for the desktop HotSynch ?


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