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    I did order the T600 Bellagio Designs (BD) Flip Style "B" in Ostrich.

    How much did it cost? (if you don't mind me asking.)
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    Re: Cost

    Ordering the T600 BD Flipstyle "B" case in the ostrich style just set me back an additional $10.

    Apparaently, BD does not charge sales tax and the cheapest form of shipment is FedEx Ground for $8.00

    So in total, including S/H came to $57.99 ($39.99 for case + $10 Ostrich style + $8.00 Shipping)

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    Let us know what you think about the Bellagia case. Looks like a good one!
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    I ordered vaja classic black case on 14th January and it arrived yesterday. I'm very pleased with it, beautifully made, gorgeous leather, all the holes line up perfectly. It's just an overall class act in terms of flip style cases, I tried the HS form fit and Krussel cases but couldn't live with the plastic covers lack of usability. I sent back the appalling EB case, how they have the nerve to still be selling that piece of junk is amazing. I'll be sticking with the vaja, imo it's the best one I've tried.
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    Which classic black case from Vaja? Did you order a custom one or the one that is pre-made?

    Any pics?
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    Well, I just got the Bellagio "Flip Style B" case delivered to me. I was a bit dissapointed when I saw that it was black ostrich and not tan/brown ostrich. At the time of the order (over the phone) I told them I wanted the Sony Clie (tan) style, but I guess they didn't understand.

    Plus, the case doesn't synch in the cradle as advertised and there were was only 1(!) SD cart slot. There was no credit card slot to speak of, at least I couldn't find anything. Whazup with that? Not really impressed with this company.

    That Vaja Tan Ostrich case is really starting to look REALLY good right now.

    Question: If forum members have returned a Bellagio case, how long did it take to get your credit refunded?

    Sunnyvale, CA
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    My Vaja Classic for the T600 is falling apart.. I'm very gentle with it and the lining around the keyboard area has not seperated from the leather.

    Being as they haven't responded for over 30 days on my inquiries regarding the i-Volution I havce on order, I cannot imagine getting satisfaction on this issue.

    Lee Ladisky
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    Can you post pictures of the wear and tear? (i.e. close-ups, etc.)
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    I got the Treo 600 Classic case (Ostrich) over a month ago. I love it! One benefit I like about it:

    When you're talking on the phone--while the phone is still in the case--the belt clip serves as a great neck rest, like the old landline phones of yore.

    It may look silly using it in that way, but I don't care! I guess I'm gonna have to get a decent headset sooner or later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iMikeC
    Your pictures pushed me over the fence. It's a Vaja for me. Out of curiousity, which service does your t600 use? I'd heard about a CDMA-based unit issue with the case.
    I corresponded with Vaja and they told me that the case is intended for use with GSM only, because the flip design conflicts with the "space bar answer" functionality of the CDMA (Sprint) variant. They were not aware, obviously, of TreoGuard and similar programs that make that a moot issue. However, they never really answered whether or not the case will FIT a CDMA phone -- there is a notable difference in shape around the earpiece. I ended up buying the somewhat similar Piel Frama case, which I am delighted with and use with my Sprint T600.
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